Total War Warhammer 3 : Le jeu de stratégie ultime pour un univers fantastique de référence ?

Preview of Total War Warhammer 3: The ultimate strategy game of a reference fantasy universe? on the computer

preview Total War Warhammer 3: The ultimate strategy game for a reference fantasy universe?

On the fringes of Triple A that largely occupies the media space, other epic stories such as Total War continue the fate of their video game with a certain skill. After the conquest of the Three Kingdoms, Creative Assembly studios became interested in one of the most famous Heroic-Fantasy worlds… the world of Games Workshop. Here are the JV editorial team’s first impressions of Total War: Warhammer III.

Preview conditions

During an online event organized by SEGA, we were able to learn more about Total War: Warhammer 3 during a 30-minute presentation followed by a 3-hour game session. JV’s editorial team then spoke with Ian Roxburgh (game director) and Andy Hall (lead writer), as well as Jim Wheatstone (lead battle designer) and Mark Sinclair (lead campaign designer).

The fate of the bear of God

Total War: Warhammer III is the sequel to Total War: Warhammer II, and concludes the trilogy. And so this story ends in an epic conclusion, featuring no less than 8 playable factions with conflicting designs and unique game modes. In the human world, the starting point of the campaign, we find 4 demonic races (Khorn, Norgel, Slanish, Tzenich), 2 human states (Grand Cathy, Kislev), ghouls and finally Chaos Demons.

The fantasy world of Warhammer is in danger. Captive of the first demonic prince Baalkur, bear god Orson agonizes in soul formation, disrupting the winds of magic. Guided by a mysterious sage armed only with a folder of predestination and moving with mysterious intentions, The peoples crossing the kingdom of death decided to intervene in the fate of the divine porridge. It’s time to take up arms and enter the realm of chaos… whether to save Orson or, conversely, to deal him the fatal blow.

The passage between worlds was closed, but the agonizing cries of God-Bear opened lead to the realms of Chaos. According to the Games Workshop, these four visions of Hell present an uphill challenge that ends with an intense battle against the Prince’s hero. With the henchmen of Khorn, Norgl, Slanish, Tzenich and their souls in your possession, you begin your last journey, facing the shadow lord Bellacor in a desperate battle that will decide the fate of Orson and so forth of the world. . The eight single-player campaigns alone promise hundreds of hours of gameplay.

Total War Warhammer 3: The ultimate strategy game for a reference fantasy universe?

sword and pen

It comes as no surprise that Creative Assembly takes a formula that has proven itself many times in the past, and develops it. License fans will be on familiar ground, even if the many new features spark their curiosity. As a reminder, Total War: Warhammer III is a large-scale management strategy game that takes place on a huge map. The genre invites strategists to build an empire as well as alliances and craft the fate of a particular faction with both sword and pen.


We are in the presence of a so-called “sandbox” experiment and therefore it is nonlinear by definition. Complete freedom is left to the players who can thus modify the fate of the world with their only decisions, political and military. The disciples of Sun Tzu and his treatise The Art of War would be able to put their knowledge to good use. Battles with hundreds and even thousands of units on the screen have made the franchise popular, and are meant to be even more epic and strategic.

In the world of Heroic-Fantasy, the outcome of the confrontation cannot be reduced to the forces involved and the strategies put in place. In fact, magic plays a vital role, and it can quickly reverse the course of confrontation. It was in this sense that British studios imagined struggles like no other. the Survival battles It takes the form of multi-stage narrative battles in which mortal peoples try to survive. the Magical Battle Storm Bet on the supernatural by unleashing the winds of magic that translate into the game with unlimited magical reserves and access to catastrophic spells.

What about team play?

The multiplayer in Total War: Warhammer 3 is also in the spotlight with Campaign for up to 8 players on a shared map. Even better, the different factions are free to switch roles, and can interact simultaneously. Even during battles, all belligerents participate by sharing units with the main stakeholders and controlling certain forces. It is thus possible to confront the AI ​​at 8, break an alliance, and even go after a particular faction. added to this Smaller campaigns designed to be completed in one evening.

Total War Warhammer 3: The ultimate strategy game for a reference fantasy universe?

ink power

Total War: Warhammer 3 also invites you to show moderation, favoring the diplomatic path to minimize losses and make alliances profitable. Managing your territories is at the heart of the experience Creative Assembly Studios imagine Which includes the features needed to build a centuries-old empire. Besides the traditional management of resources, the construction of buildings and the colonization of new areas were added the tools of the ideal diplomat.

Really affordable in this area, The series itself introduces new additions that always bring more nuances and opportunities to players. Finally, it is possible to threaten other factions, to demand the departure of the troops in your areas, but above all to recruit units from your allies, provided that you have outposts with them. Various aids have also been implemented to guide the players on the path of diplomacy. For example, the offers and actions required to obtain an agreement with another faction are now indicated.

Total War Warhammer 3: The ultimate strategy game for a reference fantasy universe?

Demons and Dragons

The eight playable factions in Total War: Warhammer III have their own objectives and many unique gameplay mechanics. During the event organized by Sega, The forces of Grand Cathay and Daemons of Chaos were at our disposal. Here is a quick overview of the peculiarities of these peoples to whom everything is opposed.

the Devil’s Chaos Worship the four gods Khorn, Nurgl, Slanish, and Tzenich and swear an oath of unified chaos. Their leader, a Demon Prince, wishes to seize the power of Bear Lord Orson in order to claim the Lord’s status. Due to its multiple alliances, this demonic faction is drawn from all The Four Chaos Race Units To build a diverse army. Two features in particular set this faction apart from the others. first name diabolical glory He guarantees, according to the offerings made to the Gods of Chaos, access to new forces, spells as well as the many body parts assigned to the Demon Prince. In fact, this warlord benefits from a lot Customization Options, and adapts to the different playing styles adopted.

On the other side of the chessboard stands Grand Cathay. Inspired by Chinese mythology, this empire protects the Great Stronghold, a wall separating it from the Chaotic Lands, and seeks to find Shen-Zoo, the Empress’ sister, by saving Ursun in order to restore balance to the world. To do so, this faction can count on Compass Wu Shing Which allows you to direct the winds of magic according to your schedule. Moreover, harmony is a basic idea of ​​these northern provinces. the The philosophical principle of yin and yang They are reflected in the game by a measure that must be maintained in order to obtain various rewards (or penalties if any). This Chemistry also affects your troops on the battlefield. Finally, as a trading country, ivory road Another way for Grand Cathay to thrive is through a caravan system that needs to be developed.

Total War Warhammer 3: The ultimate strategy game for a reference fantasy universe?

Our impressions

Creative Assembly strives above all to satisfy fans of all faiths, and can be well on its way to making it happen. Total War: Warhammer III ventures into fun lands unexplored by its predecessors, perfectly incorporating new gameplay mechanics. He does not forget to respect the genre that suits him, namely the game of war and the workshop of the gaming world. This management and strategy game can make a lasting impression, and is the end result of a trilogy that started in 2016.

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