Cinema releases on January 19: Nightmare Alley, The Chef, Tendre Et Saignant ... - Actus Ciné

Cinema releases on January 19: Nightmare Alley, The Chef, Tendre Et Saignant … – Actus Ciné

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Nightmare Alley by Guillermo del Toro

With Bradley Cooper, Cate Blanchett, Toni Collette…

what is he talking about ? While going through a bad patch, the charismatic Stanton Carlisle arrives at a traveling exhibition and manages to attract the good fortunes of the clairvoyant, Zeena and her husband Pete, the former glory of the mentality.

Did you know ? Nightmare Alley is a new adaptation of William Lindsay Gresham’s novel The Charlatan, which was published in 1946. Edmund Golding had already brought this book to the screen in 1947.

Chef de Filip Barantini

With Stephen Graham, Finnette Robinson, and Jason Fleming…

what is he talking about ? Magical Friday: The Friday before Christmas, the busiest evening of the year. In a gourmet restaurant in London, on the side of the kitchen, a few minutes from the shooting, the entire staff is in turmoil. But problems are piling up around superstar Andy Jones and his team.

Did you know ? The Chef aims to portray the stress that restaurant teams experience, both in the dining room and in the kitchen. Philip Barantini made a short film in 2019, presenting a restaurant kitchen throughout a lively evening, focusing on the character of a chef plagued by his addiction to alcohol and cocaine.

Delicate and Rare by Christopher Thompson

With Geraldine Bielhas, Arnaud Ducret and Alison Wheeler…

what is he talking about ? Editor-in-chief of a fashion magazine, Charlie inherits the family’s butcher shop. As she prepares to sell it, she meets Martial, her father’s artisan butcher, who is determined to fight to save the business. Seduced by Martial’s charisma in spite of herself, Charlie can be led to change her mind…

Did you know ? As a married couple and parents of two children, Christopher Thompson and Geraldine Bielhas played together in People Kissing, Family Hero, Castle in Sweden, His Mother’s Eyes, Life Awaiting You and Deen. Additionally, the director made the actress switch to Bus Palladium.

Persian lessons Vadim Perelman

With Nahuel Perez Biskaert, Lars Edinger, Jonas Nye…

what is he talking about ? In 1942, in occupied France, Gilles was arrested to be deported to a camp in Germany. Before being shot, he escaped death by swearing to the soldiers that he was not a Jew but a Persian. This lie saves him for a moment…

Did you know ? Persian lessons are based on the short story “Erfindung einer Sprache” (“Inventing a Language”) by Wolfgang Kohlhaase, published in 2021. It was producer Timur Bekmambetov who first spoke about it to Vadim Perelman. “I immediately realized the potential of the story and its impact on the audience,” recalls the director.

Another Place by Aurelia George

With Lina Khodari, Sabine Azmeh and Maud Wheeler…

what is he talking about ? Nellie survived a miserable life when she became an assistant nurse at the front in 1914. One day, she took on the identity of Rose, the young woman she saw dying before her eyes, promising a better future.

Did you know ? The Place of the Other was freely adapted from The New Magdalene by Wilkie Collins, best known for his “erotic novels”, a precursor to the detective and suspense novel.

Memory Box by Khalil Gregg, Joanna Hadjithomas

With Reem Turki, Manal Issa and Paloma Vauthier…

what is he talking about ? On Christmas Day, Maya and her daughter Alex receive a mysterious package from Beirut. Notebooks, cassettes, and photos that Maya, aged 13-18, sent from Beirut to her best friend, who had left for Paris to escape the civil war. Maya refuses to confront this past, but Alex plunges into it in secret.

Did you know ? Joanna Hadjithomas herself maintained a correspondence, between 1982 and 1988, from 13 to 18 years old, with a friend who had gone to live in France during the Lebanese Civil War. Every month they sent out other packages, with notebooks and cassette tapes, until eventually they lost each other. After 25 years, they found each other and kept all their correspondence, which they decided to exchange.

Love is better than life – Claude Lelouch

With Sandrine Bonnier, Gerard Darmon and Ari Abetan…

what is he talking about ? The three elements: love, friendship and money are the three main concerns of humanity. As simply as possible, Gerrard, Ari and Philip met 20 years ago, when they got out of prison, and immediately asked themselves the real question: What if honesty was the best trick?

Did you know ? The film takes two familiar characters from Claude Lelouch’s cinema: a love story in parentheses as in Un + une and a description of a group of friends as in Une fille et des fusils or L’Aventure c’est l’aventure or All that … for this!.

Out of the World by Marc Fauchard

With Kevin Michel, Aurelia Poirier and John Assal…

what is he talking about ? Leo is a driver and lives alone in his car. He opens up to the world only through his music. One day, Leo Amélie, a client like no other, is led by a deaf dancer and yet accepts the compositions he plays in his car. But she does not know that Leo is a terrible predator …

Did you know ? Outside the world it has little dialogue, because in it appears an antisocial man isolated from the world and a deaf, dumb dancer: “I wanted to make a film that is mainly based on the stage of the show. If there is a lot of dialogue, the camera is locked by reverse shots. We can always find solutions, but there are steadfast rules. Silence makes you gain capacity and freedom.”

Wolves by Samuel Keichi Liubo

Avek Martha Reyes Arias, Maximiliano Negar Márquez, Leonardo Negar Márquez ….

what is he talking about ? 8-year-old Max and 5-year-old Leo move from Mexico to Albuquerque with their mother Lucia in search of a new life. While waiting for their mother to return each evening, who works tirelessly, Max and Leo watch the new neighborhood through the window.

Did you know ? Los Lobos’ budget was insufficient to shoot in California. Therefore, producer Laetitia Carrillo sought out less expensive cities that would allocate aid and tax cuts. Then Samuel Keshi Leopo went to New Mexico, and more specifically to Albuquerque. A city, he says, seems to have stayed in the ’90s.

Ladakh – Songs of the Spirits of Water by Niccolo Bonjorno

what is he talking about ? In Ladakh, between the Himalayan and Karakorum mountain ranges, glaciers are melting dramatically. Mysterious “ice towers” ​​were erected there, in the middle of the desert…

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