Le restaurant Les Grands Buffets, à Narbonne.

The owner of the restaurant increases employee compensation by 30% … and passes it to the menu

This increase, in the form of profit sharing, is intended to enhance the attractiveness of the sector. This will be reflected in the addition of customers: the list price will increase by 5 euros.

How do you make people want to become a waiter, butler, and cook? As the hotel and restaurant sector faces a labor shortage since the economic recovery, the president of Grands Buffets, a restaurant located in Narbonne, decided to send a signal by increasing the salaries of the institution’s 190 employees. Depending on the difficulty of their position, they will see their salary increase between 20 and 35%.

The restaurant is known for its giant buffets of charcuterie, cheese and seafood, which are served to taste for €42 per menu. This price will rise to customers to compensate for the increase in the bonus, and will reach 47 euros. “For a long time, catering has been obsessed with the idea of ​​offering exceptional value for money. Sometimes by getting involved in fratricidal wars this way”, appreciates Luis Privat, President of the Foundation, who is now calling on his colleagues to take an initiative in favor of wages, to restore the attractiveness of occupations in distress.

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The discussion concerns the entire profession. Faced with this problem, national representatives of employers in the hotel, café and restaurant (HCR) industry as well as labor unions agreed a bonus deal this week. This provides an increase in the salary scale. It is scheduled to start new discussions in the coming weeks at the Ministry of Economy to improve working conditions.

«Do we know servers over 50 years old? A little bitLuis Privat says.Most of the time they leave their jobs when they are at the top of the game, to do something else, a job that is less restrictive in terms of schedules.“, he explains, citing the logistics or retail sector.”There is a high turnover in catering services, especially among young people. In order to finally be able to appoint someone to a position, you have to see many candidates who do not remain».

From now on, the waiter of the 600-seat restaurant will benefit from a 35% increase in net pay, or 600 euros. For the chef, this increase will be 900 euros. This re-evaluation, which takes the form of profit-sharing (and thus without employee contributions) was favored by the employees to re-evaluate the salary grid. But the owner of the establishment emphasizes his unwillingness to make an air invitation to employees of other restaurants who might be attracted by these numbers: he assures that no new recruits will be caught in the team of a rival establishment. Preference will be given to people who have transferred or are new to the catering sector.


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