Noirs en France: le documentaire exhume l’injustice vécue par la patineuse Surya Bonaly et suscite une vive émotion

The documentary reveals the injustice suffered by skater Surya Bonali and stirs strong emotions

After the broadcast on Wednesday, January 18 on France 2, and then the debate led by Julien Bougier, reactions blossomed on social networks about the French hero, who was the victim of a disputed decision during the 1994 worlds. An autobiography is being prepared.

Coming soon, this Wednesday, January 18th from the documentary blacks in france In France 2, a discussion moderated by Julien Bougier followed, which provoked many strong reactions and feelings on social networks. At the heart of the comments of netizens is the name, Soria Bonali, the French figure skater in the 1990s, five-time European champion and three-time silver medalist at the World Championships, whose sporting history is mentioned in the film at the time. on a tray.


In this film, the directors interviewed well-known personalities: tennis player and musician Yannick Noah, singer-soprano, actor and director Jean-Pascal Zadi, journalist Karen Bast-Regis, chef Morey Sacco and six French-blacks of different ages and backgrounds. It tells about their battle to move society forward. Mory Sacko, revealed by “Top Chef” and a Michelin star, confirms this: “We are a generation that has the right to dream of being a physicist, an astronaut or a chef!”. Cathy Laurent Purcell, a young dancer, recounts the details of her journey to join the Paris Opera. To illustrate his point, he narrates the episode Surya Bonali went through during the 1994 World Figure Skating Championships in Tokyo (Japan) in 1994.

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On that day, the French heroine carried out her free program to perfection and, in the opinion of all observers, completely deserved to win the gold medal. However, the jury decided otherwise, and the Japanese skater is crowned with the highest score on the podium. Se sent victime d’une oppressant, Surya Bonaly se présente en retard à la remise des médailles, d’abord de monter sur la 2e du podium avant de s’exécuter puis, en pleurs, retired aprè quelques second autour de la breloque his neck: “If I were white or American, I would have won a gold medal at the Olympics or at the World Championships.”, will announce. On Twitter, messages of sympathy and reassurance blossomed after the documentary and continued to be posted nearly thirty years later.


Last November, director Audrey Estrugu announced that she was preparing a biography in the form of a series, dedicated to Soria Bonali, now a figure skating coach in the United States. film director the superior On the JoeyStarr-Kool Shen duo and the birth of their NTM group, you want to tell “The Journey of a Great Hero, an Icon with a Rare and Precious Record”, specifying: “It’s also a portrait of an extraordinary heroine struggling to liberate and assert herself in the world of the ’90s: a black woman’s struggle for justice and equality.”

No channel has been announced by producer Saga Blanchard as being associated with the project, however one can believe that the proliferation and reactions sparked by the documentary blacks in france He will give ideas to France 2 …

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