Airbus resumes recruitment and will employ 6000 people worldwide in 2022

Airbus resumes recruitment and will employ 6000 people worldwide in 2022

Airbus announced today that it wants to hire 6,000 new people worldwide in 2022. For the first time since the outbreak of the crisis that prompted the aircraft manufacturer to cut 10,000 jobs.

The recovery in aviation is solid. So much so that Airbus decided to relaunch hiring that had been frozen after the violent Covid crisis. “We’re back in the job market,” Airbus director of human resources Thierry Barrell called out during an interview with the press on Thursday. This plan of 6,000 recruitments was launched in the early part of the year and could be reviewed just before the summer of 2022 to amend, even increase unless the health crisis suddenly deteriorates. Before the crisis, at the height of its health, Airbus recruited as many as 9,000 to 10,000 people annually around the world.

After a 40% drop in production from March 2020, Airbus intends to prepare for a recovery but also to hire tomorrow’s talent needed to launch new programs such as the A350 F (Cargo Edition) and green aircraft programs around the world. Hydrogen in particular. “These appointments will help us respond in the short and medium term to the increase in production rates for the A320, which will reach 65 aircraft per month by summer 2023, but also to accelerate decarbonization and new technologies,” explained Thierry Barrell.

Talent war for the most wanted profiles

Furthermore, 25% of 6000 recruitments will be dedicated to new skills and a third of the appointments target young graduates. In a few weeks, Airbus’ management will separate the size of jobs by country and key disciplines, particularly the distribution of employment between blue-collar workers and white-collar workers. But digital and digital functionality will be central to this broad plan. Among the most sought-after professions are information systems, data management, cyber security, as well as production engineering for the preparation of future assembly lines, energy (hydrogen, etc.), electronics, electronics, optics, software engineering, integration, structural design, etc.

The only problem: “We have the skills that everyone is looking for. We must redouble our efforts on our attractiveness by showing our new projects and our exciting agenda, especially around the green, carbon-neutral aircraft,” appealed to the Aviation Group’s Human Resources Department. For the record, the aircraft manufacturer cut 10,000 jobs through voluntary departure, without layoffs, following the outbreak of the health crisis in 2020. Long-term credits and R&T from Corac* in particular.

A new digital school like Airbus High School

To secure access to new skills that are highly competitive in the job market, Airbus will open its own digital school in 2022, such as the Airbus High School located in Toulouse focused on production jobs. “We are currently defining format and content before selecting a location,” the HR department stated. The training will graduate young people at the bachelor’s and master’s levels.

On the industrial side, the Hamburg plants will employ more than those in Toulouse due to the weight of the A320 in Germany. However, in the second phase, Toulouse will benefit from new appointments related to the opening of the next new assembly line for the A321 at the Jean-Luc Lagardère plant (formerly the A380 plant).

* Civil Aviation Research Council

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