«C'est un manque à gagner mais ils ne perdent pas d'argent», a tenu à souligner Barbara Pompili concernant les mesures gouvernementales qui vont toucher EDF.

“It is natural to ask” the EDF to contribute, Bombele confirms

After unions and EDF management deplored the government’s decision to require the power company to sell more electricity at lower prices to its competitors, Barbara Bombelli wanted to clear things up. On Wednesday morning, the Minister of Environmental Transformation called on Radio Sud, that “It is normal to askto EDF to help contain the French electricity bill, stressing that the company will only sell “not confused“bone”He will earn less than expected».

Last Thursday, in the midst of rising energy prices and in the context of rising inflation, the CEO announced that he would force the EDF to sell more electricity at lower prices to alternative suppliers, to protect the buying power of the French. Thus EDF will sell at a discount of up to 40% of its electricity production in 2022, instead of selling at high market prices. Enough to make the group lose about 8 billion euros on its total operating surplus for 2022, according to its figures.

«I think it’s only natural that we ask this to the EDF, because it is money from nuclear power plants that is being consumedBarbara Bombelli said.Who paid for the construction of these nuclear plants? French taxpayers, so it is normal in a period of crisis, in an exceptional period, to ask for extraordinary help from the EDF”, as the minister highlighted. And the former environmental expert continues: “They don’t sell at a loss, they expect this price increase will make them a lot of money, it will make them less money than they expected, it’s a loss in profit but they don’t lose silver.»

the state “EDF needs»

«The state has always been side by side with EDF, we need EDF, which is our main electricianLast week, Barbara Bombelli said.We will be by EDF’s side to help them overcome this difficulty“, revived speculation about the possibility of recapitalization. For their part, the four main unions in the energy sector called a strike at EDF on January 26, in protest of the government’s actions.

When asked shortly after on RMC/BFMTV, Bruno Le Maire made comments similar to those of his government colleague. “EDF is a public company, which must serve the public and respond to the cause of the public interestThe Minister of Economy said, noting that the government was there when energy prices were at their lowest and that the EDF needed to be recapitalized in 2017.I will never give up on EDF, I will never let down the staff‘ said the tenant, Percy.If there are needs, we will meet the needs of the EDF.»

When asked on Wednesday whether or not she would renationalize the EDF, as proposed by environmental presidential candidate Yannick Gadot, Barbara Bombelli also responded that “There is no religion in these topics“, but EDF”Nationalized or not, we need to provide more energy, we need more renewables, and we have to work to solidify our nuclear energy, whatever solution is chosen.».


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