Don't Look: Leonardo DiCaprio Voiced by a French Scientist in the Netflix Movie Actus Ciné

Don’t Look: Leonardo DiCaprio Voiced by a French Scientist in the Netflix Movie Actus Ciné

Dream Job Alert! A French researcher has been chosen to double Leonardo DiCaprio in a scene from Don’t Look Up, Adam McKay’s movie available on Netflix.

Dubbing Leonardo DiCaprio in a Netflix movie? The show is too great to believe… However, that’s what Michael Marset, a French researcher from Finistere, who studies astrophysics in Boston, USA, did. When the 32-year-old received this strange announcement via email in December 2020 and passed on by his supervisor from MIT, he didn’t really believe it.

In an interview with ParisMichael Marset explained that he gave a “strong hand” to the teams of Don’t Look Up, the satirical comedy written by Adam McKay on Netflix. In this film, which was a huge hit on the platform, Jennifer Lawrence and Leonardo DiCaprio set up a camp of two astronomers trying to make the population understand that a dangerous comet is going to fall on the planet and destroy it.

DiCaprio’s hand, it’s him

As revealed by the European Southern Observatory (ESO) on Twitter, the Netflix movie teams have invited this asteroid expert to double the hands of the American actor to make his character believable when he writes the equations that prove his inference and announces the end. The world is on the board.

researcher whoHe was thinking of a joke‘, he promptly responded to the call to copy equations from a real scientific article from 1985, as he explained to Le Parisien:

Writing equations on the board takes a little practice. They wanted someone working on asteroids and the solar system to make sure the scene was correct. I immediately replied that I was interested. I love cinema, I’m a fan of DiCaprio and I love the work he does from the point of view of environmental activism.


Then the researcher put the possibilities on his side to be chosen by the director of casting during the interviews conducted remotely:

“The casting director asked me several times to send her pictures of my hands. They also asked me to photograph myself writing equations on the whiteboard. I had one at home, and it fell well. I did some funny editing, where I wrote the equations and in the end, I snapped A video clip of an asteroid hitting Earth. I think it was totally unexpected.”

His creativity has paid off since Michael Marsett was cast for this somewhat unusual role which earned him spending four days on the set of Don’t Look Up and rubbing shoulders with Leonardo DiCaprio, who found him”Very pleasantWhich came personally to welcome and thank at the end, and the French researcher will remember this experience behind the scenes of the shooting of an American movie:

“I was sitting and waiting for my call. What really surprised me was the slowness of the process: seeing the director give instructions to the actors. It’s like seeing a painter making a very slow canvas, with little strokes. They repaint the same scenes, over and over, from different angles.”

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