It would look like a science fiction movie!

It would look like a science fiction movie!

Virginie Volpin

Every day, Morning Europe 1 returns to one of the sporting events that makes the news. This Wednesday, she is interested in the Beijing Olympics, which will open in 15 days. According to her, it will look like a science fiction movie.

The Beijing Winter Olympics starts in 15 days now. We know more about how it will turn out, with much uncertainty remaining. These games are compared to a science fiction movie.

Beijing 2022 will be a combination of Blade Runner and 2001 Space Odyssey. You know the grade of the movie. A mysterious virus called Covid and its variants pose a serious threat to the Olympics. How will the athletes perform? It is almost so. Don’t look for extras in this blockbuster movie, there won’t be any. On Monday we learned that there are no ticket sales for the general public. So behind closed doors or not? The Chinese remain ambiguous at the moment. It takes a lot of suspense. But perhaps there will still be guests. Schoolchildren, like Tokyo? Probably. But we are also talking about prominent figures in the Chinese Communist Party. It’s not Hollywood, it’s Beijing.

Athletes are gradually arriving in the Chinese capital for several days. And they reach the atmosphere of the end of the world. Empty airport as if deserted. The only people they met were wearing antibacterial clothing. We’re not kidding with Beijing’s strict health bubble. And that athletes are not looking for human warmth during their meals in the canteen. These are the robots that will deliver their trays to them from the ceiling to reduce the risks as much as possible. In addition to disinfecting bots. I advise you to leave a small light on when watching the matches in the early morning, it can be a scary sight.

For athletes, it is a real source of stress.

The atmosphere of the apocalypse of the Olympic Games, of course, is difficult to live with. Even if many take their side: if he can guarantee that the competition will take place … There, we have 15 days of the opening ceremony, and the pressure will still rise a little. That is, from now on, two conditions are required for the self-test and you will remain at home. Some athletes have also abandoned competitions to avoid any risk of contamination, such as French skater Papadakis Ciceron who missed the European Championships. Their goal this year is the Olympics, they don’t want to destroy everything first. But most of them chose to perform their season anyway, and you have to prepare well before the games. This means that they stress all the time, and can’t help but take a careful look at their hotels which are open to all tourists at the World Cup Skating Rink for example. It’s stressful. With a small phrase “no risk” running in their heads.

We can send strength to the French delegation because the athletes still live a moment in time between suspense and anxiety.

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