Soldes d’Hiver 2022 : L’incroyable TV 4K OLED 48C1 est actuellement en soldes !

Winter Sale 2022: The stunning 4K OLED TV 48C1 is now on sale!

good news Winter Sale 2022: The stunning 4K OLED TV 48C1 is now on sale!

There are a lot of bargains when it comes to 4K TVs this year. One of the best sets on the market is up for sale, notably the LG 48C1 4K OLED TV, whose price is down 23%, against a final sale price of €999 at Son-Vidéo.

Incredible sales of this LG OLED TV at Son-Vidéo

LG’s C1 range continues to be a standard in the 4K TV screen market. By offering high quality screens, LG remains one of the leaders in building 4K screens. The master is almost undisputed because the manufacturer has the only factory capable of building these wonderful monitors. Like its big sister 55C1, the 48C1 TV is very popular for what it offers, as well as its price, which remains affordable for this type of screen.

Buy the LG 48C1 at €949 from Son-Vidéo

For those unfamiliar with OLED, this technology is the prerogative of the manufacturer LG. It makes it possible to get an image with infinite contrast and very large image depth because the LEDs are not backlit. Which means that black pixels simply won’t light up, thus preventing grayish blacks or different colours.

LG 4K Smart TV at the highest price during the sale period

Like all other LG TVs, the 48C1 incorporates several technologies that make it a really great panel. with 48 inches, you will have a Ultra High Definition (UHD) screen in 100 Hz Which will allow you to enjoy entertainment and even next generation games smoothly.

With the a9 Gen4 processor, the 48C1 has a particularly powerful artificial intelligence that it can use” l’upscaling » on all your sources, DVD, Blu-Ray or even on your games. This means that it will optimize the image to allow it to be viewed in 4K resolution.

WebOS It’s still in the game on its sixth iteration, making it as intuitive and convenient as ever. Thanks to it, you will be able to access all your apps like Netflix, Youtube, Spotify, Disney +, Apple TV, etc. And this, even thanks to the built-in voice recognition.

48C1 on the contact side 4 HDMI 2.1 ports, 3 USB ports, a 3.5mm jack and an optical digital jack. Of course, there is also a connection Wifi and bluetooth To connect all your wireless devices.

Take advantage of sales on this amazing 4K OLED Smart TV with exceptional performance and a price tag of just €999 at Son-Vidé instead of the usual €1,299.

Buy the LG 48C1 at €949 from Son-Vidéo

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