What to remember from the interview with Bruno Le Maire

What to remember from the interview with Bruno Le Maire

Economy and Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire was a guest on Apolline de Malherbe on Wednesday on RMC and BFMTV, while energy prices soar. The increases that the government failed to stop and treat with “inflation checks”. “We expected this massive increase in the prices of all energy without exception,” emphasized Bruno Le Maire.

“There is a very strong economic recovery, there are needs all over the world and shortages, so prices are rising. No other European government has done like us to protect the French,” he said.

And the government does not expect to reduce the value-added tax on energy to 5.5%: “5 euros less on a full ten-liter tank is 5 billion in lost revenue for the state. Those who say the state puts money in its pockets when there is an energy crisis are either ignorant or lying. The state loses a lot of money when there is an energy crisis, Bruno The Mayor launched, “No Door” for potential new measures.

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“We are in a free country where we can set prices freely”

And in this general price climate, Leclerc supermarkets have launched baguettes at 29 cents which argues: “We are a country where baguettes should be for everyone. We are in a free country where ‘we can set prices freely.'” Prices in Leclerc are not too far from the usual reality. If you want to go to an artisan baker, you can too. We have freedom,” Bruno Le Maire said.

Still “whatever the cost” is relevant to the hotel and restaurant industry

Facing the crisis, Prime Minister Jan Castex announced on Tuesday a two-month boost to companies with fewer than 250 employees in the hotel, restaurant, restaurant, event and travel agency sectors, affected by health restrictions.

“A number of companies are still facing difficulties. My responsibility is to support them. We were there on the first day, we will be there on the last day. Regarding ‘whatever the cost’, we want every euro to go to whom these sectors will now see 100%,” the Minister of Economy said. From partial activity once it loses 65% of its turnover and subsidizing fixed costs once it loses 50% of its turnover.”

Jean-Michel Blanquer “The Great Minister of National Education”

Bruno Le Maire also flew to the aid of National Education Minister Jean-Michel Blanquer, in the turmoil after he unveiled a health protocol and then doubly revised in a paid newspaper, a few hours before the start of the school year in January and from the start of the school year. Ibiza, where he was on vacation.

“I find this quarrel unfair to Jean-Michel Blanquer. He is someone who has fought to keep the school open during the pandemic. He has struggled for five years to divide classes and regain basic knowledge. He realizes the clumsiness and everyone is yelling at his ass,” he affirmed, in a nod. To Jean de Lafontaine’s “Violent Tale”.

“I am defending Jean-Michel Blanquer, he is a great Minister of National Education who does his job very well. Let’s move on, what matters is the future of our children, our education system, this is not knowing where each minister has spent his holidays,” added Bruno Le Maire.

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