Netizens moved through the skater's story in the documentary Noirs en France (VIDEO)

Netizens moved through the skater’s story in the documentary Noirs en France (VIDEO)

Documentary film distribution blacks in france France 2 last Tuesday brought back painful memories for some of the French, such as the silver medal for Soria Bonali at the 1994 World Figure Skating Championships.

On January 18, France 2 aired an unpublished documentary as a bonus, followed by a discussion moderated by Julien Bougier: blacks in france. A clip from this production especially impressed Internet users and viewers and relates to a sportswoman known and loved by the French, even if she strays far from the podiums: Surya Bonali. The multi-award winning writer, Alain Mabanckou, has commented on this choral documentary for a number of celebrities such as Jean-Pascal Zade, Karen Bast-Regis, Yannick Noah, or Soprano to testify about their experiences as well as to unknown people about them. Common people who have a heart to change things even though society struggles to move forward and give them a chance. And all of them were distinguished by the story of the ice skater.

Racism behind his silver medal?

Among them is a young woman named Cathy Laurent Purcell who aspires to become an opera ballerina. While she was explaining how difficult it is to find your place in an environment that considers itself only capable of welcoming people of white color, she returns to an episode in contemporary history marked by spirits. At the 1994 World Championships in Japan, she – and her entire team – performed like this Convinced of getting the gold medal. His Japanese rival who succeeded him is doing well but is technically inferior. However, it is the latter who occupies the first place. So the French skater is angry with the judges and appears at the medal ceremony late and crying After declaring: “I did everything I could, but I didn’t paint myself white, that’s for sure.”.

strong feedback

If today Soria Bonali lives far from the field of French media, in the United States where she became a trainer, then her experience has affected an entire generation of people who have experienced the same discrimination that she was subjected to, which we realize thanks to the testimonies of the guests of the documentary. Broadcasting this documentary made it possible for others to understand and feel sympathy for this young athlete who felt like she was victim of injustice. on Twitter, nThe reaction was ambiguous After broadcasting this particular clip. So much so that on January 19, the day after the documentary went viral, “Surya Bonali” remained at the top of the tweets, meaning that it was one of the most commented topics on the social network. Through their messages, Internet users, in a way, touched a salute to the athlete. This will soon be a biographical topic in the form of a mini-series.

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