"Val", the rough road of the total actor

“Val”, the rough road of the total actor

This is a pure cliché, but the main lesson to learn from it omenLife is short and there is a great deal of interest in trying to make the most of it before it becomes unfit. Screened at a special screening during the recent Cannes Film Festival, the documentary directed by Ting Bo and Leo Scott — who is unrelated to Tony and Ridley — chronicles the career of Val Kilmer, whose meteoric rise was like a meltdown.

composed largely of archival photographs provided by the interested party, omen His biographical sequence, synthesized in chronological order, returns to the current existence of the actor, who in 2015 was diagnosed with throat cancer, which completely deprived him of his voice. What was once one of Hollywood’s smashing blocks has become a damaged sixty, he can only speak through a hole in his throat.

Kilmer has always been a difficult actor to work with and omen He has a special advantage in providing some thoughts on the subject. Even if it seems to show a lot of sincerity, the film is still cautiously welcome, as it was produced privately by the actor himself, as well as by his children Mercedes and Jack. Conflicts of interest are never far away, but the movie is far from sacred, and yet we want to trust it.

Commitment to Excellence

The image produced is that of a full-fledged artist, who very much loves to play characters and tell stories, thus showing unlimited requirements. In some groups we see him attack, openly or not, against many directors, from John Frankenheimer (Dr. Morrow’s Island(to Anthony Hoffman)red planet), which he considers unable to implement the projects in which he is involved. The kind of behavior that made him a fearsome actor.

Far from the arrogant arrogant aura he sometimes seemed to emit, which was above all the crime of good looks, we discover Val Kilmer who is deeply involved at every stage of his career. As a young man, he only dreamed of theater, acting and directing – which explains why, year after year, he records thousands of excerpts from his life and artistic imagination on video.

The drama could have stopped everything: the accidental death of his brother Wesley, who drowned after having an epileptic fit in the family pool. “After Wesley’s death, my father’s charisma vanished and he became a separate and empty version of himself.”, explains Val Kilmer, who never recovered from the loss of the man who had been a companion in his early years of artistic experimentation.

omen It takes time to locate a representative Best Within his family, a driving force he had never denied. Moreover, the documentary focuses on certain parts of his youth rather than on specific films nonetheless important in the actor’s career. This can be frustrating but it allows you to remember at regular intervals that the question here is to paint a portrait of a man, not to diligently review every line of his movie.

silent movies

One might however wonder why movies like Twixt Francis Ford Coppola or kill me again By John Dahl, it’s not even quoted. Does Kilmer disavow these films? Has he had any issues on set that he wouldn’t like to discuss? The hypothesis of a simple lack of archives is not entirely acceptable, given that other notable feature films (such as The Fabulous Salton Sea) They are only entitled to exposure for a few seconds – without skipping it completely.

Can both of you have a great movie career and be a good parent?

The picture is grainy. We think that a man is not always easy to live, perhaps an understatement, when he has devoted himself body and soul to preparing a role. Actress Joanne Whaley, mother of Jack and Mercedes and who was his wife from 1988 to 1996, shows very little on screen, but we sometimes feel overwhelmed by Val Kilmer’s supernatural interference with her career. A year before the shooting of the doors It seemed to have been intense (for him) and especially painful (for her). Moreover, it was this over-commitment at the expense of their married life that pushed her to file for divorce.

omen Moreover, it begs a question, certainly not new, but here finding an illustrative one: Can one lead a brilliant film career and be a good parent? If Kilmer aspires to shine on all tables—his love for his two children sometimes floods the screen—Kilmer won’t always be able to rise to the challenge. And even if he always tried to give his best on sets, we sometimes feel like he’s drowning in doubt, as in the disastrous portrayal of Dr. Morrow’s Islandunder which he received his divorce papers.

silent and lonely

Today, Kilmer’s children remain at their father’s side. Next to Jack is the one who signs the soundtrack for the film. In several scenes, we can also see him recording in the studio, using the letter “I” to tell his father’s point of view. What would Val Kilmer be without his daughter and son? A man more lonely than he is now. Abandoned by an environment that no longer needs him, angry at some of those he has worked with, he is poor cowboy Speechless, always thirsty for creation but knows he can let go of the drama.

“Val” isn’t an official movie Guardian, but it kind of is.

Val Kilmer’s photos from the 2000s are heart-wrenching. He is a calm and sad man, who still feels alive, but knows that the most active part of his life is behind him. You have to see him go to the fan convention and sign autographs for posters batman forever, and having to stop in the middle of a signature session to vomit in the first trash. “I’m selling my old self”He explains about this type of confrontation, fully aware that it has become from antiquity in the blink of an eye.

the end of omen He discusses his latest major project, evoking Mark Twain’s life adapted from his single On Stage. A project was halted overnight by the sudden disappearance of his voice. What could be worse for this man who was clearly born to be an actor? Kilmer doesn’t seem to feel any anger. The fatalism that controls it is overwhelming.

omen Not officially a movie certification, but it’s a little nonetheless. Kilmer wanted to movie about acting, which is quite successful. It explains the effect an interpreter can have on his role, even on the entire movie. It’s frustrating seeing others pass you by – a grueling sequence in which young Sean Penn and Kevin Bacon steal from the two main roles in a play, putting him in third place.

It also shows how cravings for comedy can be for some people. I’m ready to do just about anything to shoot with or inside Scorsese full metal jacket, makes experimental tapes that no one asked him to produce, and travels thousands of kilometers to try to get to Stanley Kubrick who clearly doesn’t care. Why failures matter: they are also a means to progress. This insane picture is the best proof of that.


By Ting Bo and Liu Scott

With Val Kilmer, Jack Kilmer, Mercedes Kilmer, Joanne Wally

Duration: 1h49

Released January 20, 2022

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