"I'm ashamed" "I want to scream" Testimony of a classic black dancer infuriates the twit!

“I’m ashamed” “I want to scream” Testimony of a classic black dancer infuriates the twit!

documentary blacks in france Broadcast this Tuesday, January 18 on France 2 He had a huge impact on Twitter. Among the testimonies that generated the most reactions was that of Kathy, a young classical dancer who faced multiple obstacles in her path, starting with the absence of tight stockings and point shoes matching her skin tone. The story ignited the social network.

France 2 aired this Tuesday, January 18, 2022, the documentary blacks in france, including testimonies of discrimination, ordinary racism, and violence suffered by blacks in France. It was signed by Alain Mabanco and Aurelia Perrio, and gave the word to dozens of men, women and children, unknown or known. Among the characters, Yannick Noah, soprano singer, actor, director, rapper Jean-Pascal Zade or even TV journalist Karen Basti all told the tales that marked their youth. But it wasn’t the celebrity stories that got viewers talking more on Twitter.

In the middle of the documentary, the topic of blacks in sports is addressed, and with it all the accompanying clichés: “Blacks run fast”, “They can’t swim” etc. In order to illustrate the discrimination that some of the great black heroes fell victim to, Alain Mabanco and Aurelia Berrio chose to invoke the story of Soria Bonali. In 1994, the French skater unfairly took second place at the World Championships in Japan, after a performance that nevertheless deserved the gold medal. Very sadly, the heroine could not hold back her tears, and therefore did not hide the feeling that she had been “stolen”. Could her skin tone play against her? In any case, this is the thesis defended by the documentary. On Twitter, the memory of this injustice was the source of many expressions of anger.

Soon, it was the testimony of Cathy, a 22-year-old follower of Bordelaise’s classical dance, who went on to ignite the bluebird’s social network. At the opera, the host said how she was frustrated in her dream of being part of a ballet troupe. First by directing her to hip-hop dance lessons, then by warning that she will have to work twice as hard as her young white co-workers to succeed. He was even told: “The black swan is important.”

Once enrolling in classes, Kathy then heard a lot of comments about her body: “I was told I was too arched, and that my body didn’t adjust. It was ‘put your ass down,’ and there was always this extra shape that went behind – on the other side.” […] We think that we have big buttocks, that our bodies are not made for classical dance, and we tell ourselves that the person may be right,” the young woman testifies.

Even in terms of equipment, the latter had to fight to find her place: “There is no equipment suitable for black skin, like socks and nails. We have to adapt and do it ourselves,” explained the one she paints her tips with a brush. On Twitter, the lack of adaptation of the classical dance world to blacks shocked many. Some users were angry that this is still the case in 2022, while others have gone so far as to challenge brands to change things…

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