E-Twow GT Premium SE V2 test: the everlasting electric scooter in the city

E-Twow GT Premium SE V2 test: the everlasting electric scooter in the city

At first glance, you might think that E-Twow electric scooters follow and resemble each other. In fact, the brand’s machines have been using similar fonts for several years. The finishes remain clean and the materials used look fairly sturdy. Despite the many moving parts of the advanced folding of the scooter, we do not condemn any play, even in the handlebars.

The height of the handlebar can be adjusted to three positions. The first allows it to rise at 85 cm above the deck, while the highest is 99 cm. Capacity that satisfies most users under 1.85m. The scooter has a longer deck than a model like the Booster S +: from 43 centimeters it becomes 51 centimeters long and about fifteen centimeters wide. Therefore, it provides all the space needed to accommodate two feet of size 43 and to ensure a comfortable driving position. Front and rear mudguards effectively protect against potential water splashes.

E-Twow’s desire to offer the GT Premium Compact Electric Scooter keeps the handlebars just 38cm wide. As a result, the hands are too close to each other for perfect balance. Case highlighted by the position of the acceleration actuators and magnetic brakes placed on either side of the central body. Using your thumbs to operate them does not allow you to maintain a perfect grip on the handlebars. This isn’t too annoying for the accelerator, but more for disabling the brakes.

We thought adding a standard drum-operated brake lever placed on the rear wheel would solve the problem. When depressing the accelerator pedal with the thumb, keeping the index finger and middle finger on the brake lever is very uncomfortable. It would have been better to put the brake trigger on the left. Otherwise, the handles are comfortable and the outer layer is snug, even when hands are wet from light rain.

There is a small LCD screen at the top of the central housing. Displays information such as instantaneous speed, distance traveled, headlights and battery level. A thermometer is also included, but the values ​​that are communicated are not very accurate. Buttons on the front of the case allow you to activate the buzzer, control the illumination of the headlights, navigate the menus, and turn the scooter on and off. It is not easy to activate the horn in an emergency and the sound it makes is not always well identified by general highway users as the sound of a traditional mechanical bell.

Front and rear LED lights allow you to see properly. However, the headlight does not provide enough power to light the road on its own in the absence of general lighting. There is a crutch on the left side of the GT Premium for easy stopping. IPX4 certification ensures that it can be driven when the road is wet and in light rain.

The E-Twow Electric Scooter is easily foldable to occupy only a limited size. The handles can be folded easily by pressing a mechanism into their base. A small lever at the base of the stem is easily activated by the tip of the foot to fold the handlebars down onto the surface. Then the shaft is attached to the rear fender by means of a small hook. The folding process is quick and easy, and unfold over. Convenient when changing the mode of transport several times during the trip.

The GT Premium SE V2 still shows 13.4 kg on the scale. Reasonable weight considering the performance of the machine, but it is felt when you have to carry it over several floors. Fortunately, the scooter can be moved into the trolley position, by pulling it behind you, once it is folded. My work in the corridors of the station, for example.

The E-Twow GT Premium SE V2 is equipped with Bluetooth technology. It can be paired with a smartphone to take advantage of certain functions using the E-Twow Connect app available on iOS and Android. This application provides access to redundant information such as battery level, instantaneous speed or distance traveled. It is also used to activate the “zero start” function or not, which determines whether the engine will require a start before starting. This setting is also accessible from the scooter. On the other hand, it is necessary to review the application to choose the driving mode that limits the speed of the scooter. An essential feature, especially in high traffic areas, that you prefer to activate directly on the device, without having to take your smartphone out of your pocket.

Finally, the only interesting feature of the app is the scooter lock. When this function is active, the slightest movement in the GT Premium produces strobe alerts and the engine brakes prevent it from rolling. We are also sorry for the risky translations in the app menus. We were unable to install E-Twow Connect on the Google Pixel 4 and Pixel 5, but we were able to install it on the Samsung Galaxy S8.

As mentioned above, the E-Twow GT Premium SE V2 is able to limit its speed to 6, 20 or 25 km / h. Suitable for driving in pedestrian areas where this is permitted. Especially since the Chinese scooter benefits from excellent maneuverability at low speed.

Capable of driving at 40 km/h on paper, the GT Premium is limited to 25 km/h in France in order to comply with applicable law in France. With a 500W motor, capable of peaking at 700W, this scooter reaches its top speed in 6 seconds. It’s not the most dazzling on the market, but the machine still had a good start-up efficacy and was able to shoot quickly. Qualities are very valuable when driving in the city.

The speed of installation on the flat proves to be satisfactory, the width of the meter is 25 km / h without the startle. GPS provides a real speed of 24 km/h, but the difference remains tolerable. Performance continues smoothly until the battery level drops below 30%. Below this value, the GT Premium slightly loses vitality and torque. As a rule, the scooter is not afraid of hills and can climb them at a very good pace.

E-Twow now opts for 8-inch solid rubber wheels, front and rear. Enough to protect GT Premium from punctures. However, it loses some comfort in the face of machines equipped with inflatable tires. Although it is generally true, road stability is also slightly deteriorating. The engine is positioned in the front wheel, which makes it easier to cross city pavement, but can cause you to lose traction when starting.

The rigidity of the solid wheels is well balanced by the suspension system front and rear. The E-Twow GT Premium SE is comfortable and flawlessly absorbs road irregularities, with the exception of cobblestones.

Braking has always been one of the weak points of the E-Twow electric scooters. The one who for a long time relied only on the magnetic brakes with which the engine works, is here supported by mechanical drum brakes. As we said above, neither the placement of the drum brake lever nor its effectiveness convinced us. It lacks progressiveness and tends to lock up the rear wheel too quickly. It is better to avoid using it for emergency braking, otherwise the rear tire rubber will be seriously damaged.

Magnetic brakes have proven to be more efficient in most cases. It turns out to be easier to dose and, above all, more effective in emergency situations. When you’re cruising at 25 km/h in the apartment, it only takes 3 meters to come to a complete stop with the magnetic brake. The distance is doubled with the drum brake only. In any case, it is best to practice at first to find the right position and set of braking.

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