Spartacus: Phil Spencer (Xbox) isn't afraid of the PlayStation Plus and Now at Sony merger

Spartacus: Phil Spencer (Xbox) isn’t afraid of the PlayStation Plus and Now at Sony merger

Rumors swell on the side of the house Sony, which is an amalgamation of its services Playstation now And PS +, in order to confront PC / Xbox Game Pass From Microsoft. At the moment, nothing is official, the Japanese giant has not communicated about this, but from its side MicrosoftThe team is confident. And she has what, with the recent acquisition ofActivision-Blizzard.

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Phil Spencer, Branch Manager X-Box, speak with IGN Around SpartacusOf course he doesn’t have anything official to report to us but Even if the merger does happen, he sees it as inevitable, in perfect harmony with the current market policy and Microsoft, which is to offer the maximum number of games for the maximum number of players on the maximum number of platforms:

You know, many things are related to each other, from (backward compatibility) as a tool to put together a library of games that we release on PC and console simultaneously (…) to knowing that Game Pass is coming and that we want to bring the game pass To multiple platforms – all these decisions pile on top of each other.

I don’t want to sound like I’ve figured out everything, but I think the correct answer is to let their customers play the games they want to play, where they want to play them, and give them a choice of how to do it. Building their libraries, being transparent about goals in terms of PC initiatives or cross-generational initiatives and other things. And therefore Whenever I hear others doing things like Game Pass or wanting to come to PC, it makes sense to me, because that’s the right answer.

I don’t see that as verification. In fact, when I talk to teams, I talk about the imperative. For us, it’s essential to keep innovating, to be competitive, because there are things we do that can be an advantage for this market today, but it’s just based on the fact that we did it first, not that we’ve innovated something that no one else can do.

It is better, because it boosts our energy towards the next ideas that we must work on to continue building on what was started before. because I think The right path is to release great games, play them on PC, on console, and on the cloud, and make them available D-Day with subscription. And I think that’s what the competition will do.

with Spartacus and the game arcade, so we must have products Sony And Microsoft Directly into their subscription services upon release, and playable on a range of platforms. in home MicrosoftThe strategy is already paying off, the manufacturer sells records for Xbox Series X | S and the number of subscribers to game arcade missiles. Sony Therefore it should follow this path, business to follow. In the meantime, you can still subscribe to PlayStation Plus via Amazon.

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