Moon Knight on Disney+: Everything you need to know about this Marvel character - News Series

Moon Knight on Disney+: Everything you need to know about this Marvel character – News Series

Disney+ today revealed the first trailer for Moon Knight, the platform’s next series dedicated to the Marvel hero. But who is this character really?

If so far the heroes of the Marvel series that were broadcast on Disney + have already appeared in cinemas before their appearance on the small screen, then the next episode will appear for the first time in the series that bears his name: Moon Knight. A character that fans of the Maison des Idées have been hoping to discover on screen for many years.

In fact, Moon Night, whose real name is Mark Spector, has been around since 1975. Written by screenwriter Doug Munch and designer Don Perlin, it first appeared in the comic book. werewolf at night No. 32. In this episode, he is created by a secret criminal organization, the Commission.

The character quickly became famous, and got her own story the following year in the 28th and 29th editions of marvel lights Where its origins have changed. After appearing several times in the structure! magazineThe Knight of the Moon becomes the hero of his own series in 1980, which begins by giving him a new origin story.

brought back to life by a god

He was born in Chicago, who was still called Mark Spector, the son of a wealthy rabbi. A professional boxer, he entered the military before pursuing a career as an elite mercenary. During a mission, he encounters his leader – Bushman, who does not agree with him – who beats him and leaves him to die in the Egyptian desert.


The villagers recovered his body and moved it to the tomb of Pharaoh Seti. There, Mark Spector came and claimed to have dreamed of Khuncho, the god of the moon and the enforcer of Egyptian mythology. Determined to avenge the Bushman, he takes the mantle that adorned the statue of the Egyptian deity and becomes the Guardian Moon Knight.

Returning to the United States, he spends his nights hunting down thugs, who, unlike many superheroes, he does not hesitate to kill. He is aided in his mission by his friend Jean-Paul “Frenchy” Duchamp and his partner, Marilyn Allron. He also uses various identities to achieve his goals, including those of billionaire businessman Stephen Grant.


Multiple characters

As his adventures progressed, the book eventually portrayed Mark as a man with DID. This feature will be omnipresent in the Disney + series with Oscar Isaac in the title role, as revealed in the trailer revealed this morning. Moreover, Stephen Grant, who for the occasion has become a discreet employee of a souvenir shop, which is presented in these first photos, is from Mark Spector.

In most of his stories, Moon Knight, a hero who is regularly compared to Batman, especially because of his torturous side and the extremely dark universe he lives in, has no supernatural powers. Instead, his intelligence, athletic ability, and combat experience are highlighted. However, in some of the comics, his strength and resistance to injury have been associated with different phases of the moon.

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