"its enough!"  , the Catalan press loose in Dembele

“its enough!” , the Catalan press loose in Dembele

The comments of Othman Dembele’s agent on RMC Sport, Tuesday, caused the Catalan newspaper, Sport, to react strongly, due to the uncertainty surrounding the French player’s future, at the end of his contract with Barcelona next summer.

Ousmane Dembele (24 years old) appeared on the front page of the Catalan daily Sport, this Wednesday. And it seems that the Frenchman pushed Barcelona’s entourage over his future. “its enough!” The daily begins, showing the front page a photo of the France international looking down. The subject of tension remains the great mystery that grips the future of the 2018 world champion at the end of the decade next summer.

Dembele has been free to negotiate with the club of his choice since January 1. A situation that puts Barcelona on edge for a player recruited for €150m (including bonus) in 2017. The club is still hoping to extend his lease or, if that fails, want to sell him this winter to recover a small compensation rather than losing him for free next summer. . And local newspapers said recently, that the player was offered to the English clubs Newcastle and Manchester United for 20 million euros. What the player’s entourage refuses

“Barcelona is tired of Dembele”

“Barcelona is tired of Dembele and today they will make a decision about his immediate future, confirms Sport. His agent adds fuel to the fire:” At the club, they don’t negotiate, they threaten. “According to the daily – sometimes suspected of acting as a relay to convey the club’s messages – the player repeats Xavi, the coach, wanted to stay in. Another Catalan newspaper, Mundo Deportivo, also referred to this explosive file, which crystallized tensions for several months.

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And the newspaper talks about “tension with Dembele” after the statements of his agent, Moussa Sissoko, on RMC Sport. The latter does not accept the warnings sent by Barcelona regarding this file. Moussa Sissoko, the player’s advisor says: “It’s a pressure blow that doesn’t work with people like us. Maybe she can work with agents linked with FC Barcelona. It’s not my case, I’m here to defend the interests of my players.”

“The leaders are losing Othman alone,” he releases his agent

“We are not here to fuel discussions on social networks, continues the French advisor. But the truth must be told. Yes, we have many demands, but we have already shown that Osman’s career choices are not dictated by money, otherwise he will not be here. Then if Barcelona wanted to negotiate, it would have been It is possible that he will try to come to the table with us to discuss it. However, there is no discussion and threats not to play with them. This is forbidden. We will confirm Ousmane Dembele’s rights if necessary.”

As reported by RMC Sport, Ousmane Dembele has also not been closed to an extension in recent weeks. “On ne sait pas ce que l’on va faire, rien n’est acté. Mais les dirigeants sont en train de perdre Ousmane seuls. Depuis le début, nous avons montré que nous voulions discuter, avec des conditions certes, mais sans” The Door.”

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