Ann Claire Codray.  What the journalist fears most about Stroma

Ann Claire Codray. What the journalist fears most about Stroma

Stromae has already marked viewers in the 20H of TF1. By deciding to respond to Anne Claire Codray’s introduction to the song. Thus the artist interpreted his new title “L’enfer” which deals specifically with depression and suicidal thoughts. Exclusively, the TF1 journalist revisited this unique moment in her career for 50 Minutes Inside.

Stromae: Secret Interview!

Stromae: Secret Interview!

If some highlight the quality of this interview with Anne-Claire Coudray and Stromae and especially the text of the Belgian artist who speaks openly about depression and suicide….others were less tender.

Moreover, rapper Bubba, also known for his attitude and flowery language, was ruthless to Stromae. As well as Orelsan and Gims. Why not hit colleagues for no reason:

“Three big dirties and one, puffed back with Xanax on TF1. He tells us about his depression but my brother the whole world is drowning. We don’t care about your life, so what’s your use for us?” Booba already wrote on his Instagram.

Fear Anne Claire Codray during this outstanding moment

Fear Anne Claire Codray during this outstanding moment

In fact, though, some Internet users or even magazines believe that this moment has no place in television news usually devoted to information. While many singers, authors or even directors and actors have already gone there to promote…. Stromae’s performance was a huge success. Similarly, on YouTube, in a few days, the video was viewed by more than seven million people.

Anne Claire Codray, the presenter of the 8 p.m. newspaper, was logical in confidence. She prepared this interview with the musician.

Anne Claire Codray:

Anne Claire Codray: “A Tsunami of Emotions”

However, at the time of her response with the song, the journalist was so afraid of disturbing him that she disappeared, as we actually learned in “50 Minutes Inside”: “I almost got back in my seat. I’m so scared to disturb him with a movement, with a breath that he completely freezes. I stop breathing. “. Anne Claire Coudray tells our colleagues.

And so, speaking of this intense moment, the TF1 journalist talks about a tsunami of emotions: “I am the first viewer to receive this tsunami of feelings it presents to us. I have just experienced a moment of sincerity which, paradoxically, is much stronger and more intense than if he had accepted to answer Ali naturally. We both have chills, yeah.”

A message of hope!

A message of hope!

In fact, the message sent by Stromae is objective, which makes it all the more important. In addition to Anne-Claire Coudray, on Twitter, WHO also thanks the singer for sending this message of hope. While it highlights a very insidious, sometimes invisible, and oh so devastating disease that is depression.

From now on, in this period of the epidemic, and while life has been very complicated for almost two years.. the young people are particularly particularly affected. Since the beginning of the crisis, the increase in the number of suicide attempts has been significant. Which makes this letter from Stromae even more important. And that’s also what artists do, those who put their emotions into songs, who touch the fans.

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