Arnaque aux faux conseillers bancaires : ne tombez pas dans ce piège très bien ficelé !

Don’t fall for this scam very well!

The fake bank advisor scam has been wreaking havoc since the end of 2021. Nancy’s gendarme has received dozens of complaints from consumers. Thus, the Smart Crime Brigade (BDA) of the Meurthe-et-Moselle Security Department just sounded the alarm. How do you avoid falling into the trap? decoding.

The Intelligent Deviation Brigade (BDA) of the Meurthe-et-Moselle Ministry of Security is currently trying to communicate about this new phenomenon. His goal: to protect the population from criminals. Every time, the process is the same. Find out how to thwart their decoy.

In France, there are several million scams of all kinds every year. But those who have the wind in their sails are those associated with new technologies. the free lunch So, last May, he raised the issue of the criminals who took out contactless payment cards on the Montpellier tram. They are simply equipped with a Payment Terminal (TPE) in a bag, to initiate payment transactions. And passed on the tram trains near the passenger bags!

Deceit: The scammer begins by removing all doubts…

Thus, the agent saw the transmission network in columns free lunch : “They move in three or four, stick to people, and divert their attention somehow,” Antoine explains. One of them had a machine, quickly approached a bag or pocket. We know them, there are those who work with a splint on their arm, and hide what they want inside. And people do not suspect anything. Even on their bank statements. That’s why we have very few reports or complaints but we see their journey, and we know them, it’s a new band. In addition, it can be very dangerous. »

These little scammers were stealing $50 at a time. On the nice side, a gang broke out the same way, but on the beach! In August 2019, the National Police reported to tourists in Nice that a gang was working with TPE near the towels of vacationers to withdraw their cards. To prevent this theft, it is best to protect your card in a metal case. So it is impossible to steal your data!

But recently a much more annoying scam has appeared. This is a pseudo bank advisor scam. The fraudster calls his victim on his cell phone or landline. Pretending to be his banking advisor. To remove any suspicion, the fraudster already has information about his victim such as his identity or the name of his bank.

Up to 9,500 euros stolen by these new thugs!

Then the fake bank advisor explained that he had discovered fraudulent movements in the bank account. Inevitably, his interlocutor panicked. So he tends to trust the fake bank advisor who offers to help him. The latter advises to make a transfer to secure his money to another account of the bank. In fact, it is of course the bank account of a bully. This very well designed system is locking up a lot of consumers.

Consequently, dozens have filed a complaint in recent weeks against Nancy. In general, the loss of money is between 2,000 and 9,500 euros per victim. Nice booty for thieves! According to the authorities, the victims ranged in age from 30 to 50 years. In fact, scammers target people who have a computer or smartphone to manage their bank accounts.

Don’t fall into this trap! If you get a suspicious call from your bank, hang up. Then call the real bank advisor on his number. Also know that the government has set up a website to avoid this type of fraud.

However, if you think you have been scammed, contact your bank as soon as possible. He quickly went to the police station to file a complaint.

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