Scream creates a bloodbath and dethrones Spider-Man

Scream creates a bloodbath and dethrones Spider-Man

Scream He makes a hot start in the United States, rivals the start of the original trilogy, and surpasses Spider-Man: There is no room for home.

After ten years of absence from the cinemas, the epic Scream – Launched by Wes Craven in 1997 – He’s back on the big screen with a fifth movie with a solid title Scream. And this long-awaited comeback appears to have found its audience on American soil since Matt Bettenelli Olbin and Tyler Gillett’s film raised more than $30 million in its first weekend of air.

If this result really points to a strong comeback for this horrific saga, Martin Luther King Day will surely help her, A holiday in the United States that will further glorify these beautiful characters. Anyway, this weekend was enough for Ghostface to get past (finally) the third edition of Spider-Man’s adventures inside the MCU, Spider-Man: There is no room for home.

scream: photo“Not even afraid of a spider!”

In fact, after four weeks of dominating the US box office, the latest film by John Watts drops for the first time from the first step onto the platform. What was said, Marvel’s latest Colt still raised over $20 million in the weekendThe attendance at cinemas decreased by only 36.2%. So the film remains fairly stable in its trajectory, a consistency that can be seen more through the 87 small theaters it has lost, thus keeping An astonishing number of copies released in 3,925 US theaters.

And therefore , There is no place for home It grossed $698,724,074 at the domestic box office, thus surpassing Avengers: Infinity War (678,815,482) and Coming to tickle Black Panther D Ryan Coogler (700426566) Which remains – but not for long – the second best-selling Marvel movie in the United States. Note that worldwide, the movie has a price tag of $1,625,899,439, the eighth highest grossing of all time, after lion king for 2019 and $1,662,899,439.

Spider-Man: No Way Home: PhotoDoctor Strange is trying to banish Ghostface from our universe.

In third place in the top 5 is All in Phase 2 that endure over time With over $8 million raised this weekend. If one notes that the movie saw a huge drop in attendance of 42.5% this past weekend, At just 28.7%, compared to the previous weekend, the Garth Jennings feature film was cut short for onlookers.. So, the movie starts a long-distance race, trying to prolong the half of its success that must have been marred by the release of Spider-Man a week ago.

The penultimate place on the podium is occupied by the actor Simon Kinberg, 355, Which, this weekend, raised just over $2 million. Feature film directed by X-Men: Dark Phoenix Really disappointing result, which is noted for its 49.4% drop in attendance, which only resulted in a meager eight million dollars in points being scored on US soil.

355: Photo, Penelope Cruz, Jessica Chastain, Lupita Nyong'o, Diane Kruger“Well, ladies, the week’s numbers aren’t good…”

Let’s see if the feature film lasts in the long run, but let’s add to that drop in the low average attendance per print of $744, and the chances of it happening. 355 DrHe paid 75 million invested in the film get lower.

The US box office top-five ranking concludes this weekend with King’s Man: First Mission, And Raised $2.3 Million. Therefore, the mixed results of the film were extended this weekend, despite the stability of cinema attendance for the film, which decreased by only 28.1% despite the fact that the number of cinemas in it is 500 fewer than the end of last week.

beautiful voiceSudden success on American soil!

Except for the top five, release belleMamoru Hosoda’s new movie banners A remarkable success for the author who has raised more than 1.6 million dollars Double the box office in the US Mirai my little sister. This is the director’s best film score, excluding the feature film digimon, The film he co-directed in 2000. With 1,326 theaters for the feature-length animated film, this is a sign A very nice average per copy of $1,241.

Nice start, then, while the fourth week of release Resurrection Matrix More signs of the failure of Lana Wachowski’s feature film with It clearly decreased 55.8% of spectators compared to last weekend. Add to that the 1,150 cinemas that have changed programming, and we understand more about the extent of the disaster for Warner.

until the Licorice pizza Paul Thomas Anderson and thousands of cinemas less than Matrix 4 I got a better grade. So Warner must be biting its fingers in the face of American stats, which the Chinese release of the movie didn’t save.


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