Apple could have outdone itself to make its name more complex

Apple could have outdone itself to make its name more complex

What will be the final name of the upcoming iPhone SE? Oftentimes insider analyst Ross Young thinks he knows. Nor would the final name of Apple’s new affordable smartphone be attractive.

iPhone SE 2020 for clarification

iPhone SE 2020, for illustration // Source: AB via Unsplash

The iPhone SE 2022, which appears to be announced next spring, along with the new iPad Air, could be an exercise in spelling if we are to believe some analysts.

According to Ross Young, a specialist in supply issues and CEO of Display Supply Chain Consultants, Apple’s next affordable smartphone will be called “iPhone SE + 5G”. A rather ugly extended name that refers to what the new iPhone SE looks like: the slightly updated iPhone SE 2020.

“+” strength or size?

This information however raises some questions about the nomenclature. Apple never used the “+” sign in its device names and preferred the “s” for slightly improved versions (iPhone 4s, iPhone 5s, and iPhone 6s). The only “Plus” addition was used for full-size iPhones 6 through 8. However, the iPhone SE with a 5.7-inch panel has been rumored for several years. Maybe it will arrive a little upstream. And to differentiate it from its predecessor, a 5G signal will be added.

As a reminder, the already announced device should maintain the design that we know is primarily focused on hardware upgrade. It will therefore retain the look of the iPhone 8, its compact size with a 4.7-inch LCD screen, and a Home key that acts as a Touch ID fingerprint reader.

5G and a more powerful processor

However, an all-new A15 Bionic processor will be installed under the display (as in the latest iPhone 13) along with a Qualcomm X60 modem chip. Thus, we have an externally unchanging device, but more efficient, compatible with the 5G network, and perhaps even more autonomous thanks to the new SoC.

On the other hand, we will have to wait until 2023 or 2024 to take advantage of more new features on the iPhone SE. By then, the device will move to a 5.7-inch format and will likely have an OLED screen. Previous rumors also suggest that in the future, the iPhone SE could adopt an edge-to-edge design similar to the iPhone XR.

Information that obviously has to be taken with caution: Predicting iPhone specifications a year or two in advance is a risky exercise…especially on an entry-level custom model. The presence of an OLED screen on the iPhone SE 2023 or 2024, for example, will be determined by the decrease (or lack of) costs of this type of panel in the future.

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