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Gabriel is (almost) unfaithful to Thomas and Bohr believes Bastian is innocent – plus Belle Life Jan 20, 2022 (Episode 4459) | the most beautiful life

Discover the detailed summary of a more beautiful life Advance Episode 4459 on Thursday January 20 2022 broadcast on France 3. Gabriel almost committed irreparable damage after his distance from Thomas. Mouss does everything to solve problems as a CPE. The police begin to believe Bastian and think that he is innocent.

Read PBLV’s full recap of Season 18 Episode 4459 on 01/20/2022 in preview with all images from the soap opera Plus belle la vie.

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Gabriel is ready to sleep with a stranger but at the last minute he joins Thomas

look for it A full summary of a more beautiful life for Thursday, January 20, 2022 Episode 4459 in advance, 3 days before Radio France 3): Recap of the previous episode PBLV 01/19/2022 Connected.

Talbot died, Luna tells Bastian that he shouldn’t talk to the police…otherwise he will be charged directly. Luna tells him to think of his children… Bastian doesn’t change his mind, he calls the police. Boher takes Luna and Bastian to the police station. Aryan begins to doubt their guilt.

Moss comes to see the math teacher while he is resting his cigarette. He tells her that Jules’s mother blames herself for speaking to him that way. Moss explained to her that she was offered a box of calissons. Moss suggests that everyone gather around a table to discuss.
On the other hand, Moses told Jules’ mother that the math teacher had decided to make peace and gave her a bouquet of flowers with an apology card.


Lula accepts submission as delegate / PBLV in Episode 4459 previously

Thomas and Francois show Roland Killian and Lola’s schedule with High School, bad luck and reviews. Roland is happy that his sons are finally cooperating.

Roland PBLV

Roland is pleased to see that everything is going between Thomas and François / Plus belle la vie in advance of January 20, 2022.

Mirta Sonali tells Hugo that Luna and Bastian are being held. They are afraid for their father.
Thomas announces to Gabriel that he is not going home right away, and he thinks it is too early. Gabriel Thomas gives an ultimatum: he chooses either her husband or her brother.

Rochat told Moss that he should put the turbo in the elections, the educational meeting …

Thomas PBLV

Thomas and Francois have a wonderful organization for teenagers Corcelles

Ariane explains to Boeher that the shooter was 30 meters away with a professional weapon … This confirms that Bastian could not be the culprit.
It was Talbot’s killer who kidnapped Elodie This is Bastian’s theory. Boher releases him because they have nothing against him.


Talbot died instantly

The most beautiful life in advance Episode 4459 of January 20, 2022: Were it not for the delegate of the future category?

Moss tells Noy, Lola, and Killian that he knows they planned to sabotage the delegate elections. Moss thinks they should introduce themselves…but they refuse because they think it’s useless. Moss manages to convince Lola…because she doesn’t want Benoit (so far the only candidate) as a delegate.

Gabriel is ready to kiss a man… Gabriel says he loves his husband but he can’t stand him now. In the end, Gabriel arrives at François’s house… He tells him that since he does not want to go back, he is the one imposing himself.

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Blanche offers private lessons to Kylian and Lola

Bastien gets nervous, and tells Luna that he doesn’t feel like he knows his wife, Elodie. Bastian thinks Elodie wasn’t really happy to act like this. Bastian wonders what he will tell the children. Bastian believes Elodie is dead.

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