Fiat Centoventi, a small economy SUV in 2023?

Fiat Centoventi, a small economy SUV in 2023?

At the 2019 Geneva Motor Show, Fiat presented the Centoventi concept. Designed so that its users can replace body panels and battery packs at will, this economical and modular electric city car doesn’t just make a replacement for the Panda. announce A range of practical, low-cost models that will be one of the two mainstays of the Fiat Group in the future, to complement the more design-oriented and technology-oriented 500 family.. It is said that Olivier Francois, general manager of the Italian manufacturer, provided some details about the future Centoventi presentation to British Auto Express journalists.

It will be the first model of the B segment and could be an SUV. This can revive the name Punto. “I’m going to make a model for Part B, so will Punto be new? Will it be a super panda? I don’t know. We’ll find out. What’s so important, and that’s what I’m totally committed to, is that at first glance, even without a brand or logo, it’s recognizable on a It’s Fiat,” said the director. And to add: “What is certain is that I have the potential to invent a new name or pick up a famous name from the past. I tend to go for the second solution because we have favorite names that speak to many satisfied customers.”

The Fiat range divided between practicality and elegance

This SUV will be based on the CMP platform of the PSA Group that recently merged with FCA to become the Stellantis, a structure already used by the current Peugeot 208 for example. It can also be suggested in thermodynamics as in electricity. It’s supposed to be functional above all else, and it could have a ‘pseudo-twin’ with a coupe profile in the 500 family. “If you look at Volkswagen, they now have the T-Cross and T-Roc, which are two SUVs but one of them. Smaller than the other. Moreover, they have the Taigo. Since we are not that rich, we will not launch four or five versions. But I have the opportunity to say “if” you want something like a coupe, roundabout, good news, I have the 500 as design inspiration. “But If you’re looking for the most space for your money, this could be another important component of a B-segment SUV, if I really want square, no-frills volumes, I can take inspiration from the panda,” Olivier Francois explains in detail.

The Centoventi family could extend to a potential replacement for the Tipo, but Fiat will focus on small cars. “My idea is to cover or focus on cars between 3.70m and 4.30m. Part A, Part B, short B-SUV, long B-SUV”, would refer to the head of the brand. The first model in the Centoventi line is expected for 2023.


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