'The spoiled child', 'the hypocrite': Bronka's new English press against Prince Harry

‘The spoiled child’, ‘the hypocrite’: Bronka’s new English press against Prince Harry

Prince William’s brother, who now resides in California, sparked the ire of the British press after he asked to take advantage of the close guard of the Metropolitan Police, during his visits to the country.

“Scotland Yard is not at your disposal, Harry.” Since January 15, a new feud has erupted between the Sussex and the Windsor clan. Stripped of his honorary titles since withdrawing from the royal family in 2020, and leaving for California, Prince Harry no longer benefits from the close guard of Metropolitan Police officers – under the Home Office – during his visits to the UK.

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On Saturday, the Duke re-launched hostilities and again demanded this protection, even if it meant “to pay it in person”, under pain of a lawsuit against his country. According to him, his family is no longer “safe” on British soil. The Queen did not respond to this request, which angered the country, especially the press.

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Queen is already in turmoil

in columns the sunColumnist Piers Morgan, who has had a bad relationship with Sussex since his criticism of Meghan Markle, described Prince Harry as a “rude, deluded hypocrite who thinks terribly he has all the rights”. Words he repeated during a television interview on the BBC, in front of journalist Sophie Raworth. The 50-year-old in particular made it clear that he really “feels sorry for the Queen”. It is she, who must actually manage the controversy with her son, Prince Andrew, after the sexual assault accusations leveled against him.


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