Alerte ! Danger ! La France entière est concernée ! Intermarché rappelle des produits jugés dangereux : des goûtés lactés qui contiennent des particules métalliques !

Yogurt contains mineral particles!

Warning! Risk ! New product recall is in progress. Consumers who shop in Intermarché departments are at the heart of this countless advert for Drinking reminder. This is one site, government, dangerous product alerts. And Intermarché stores all over France are in the line of fire. That is why it was important to objection To convey this information to its readers. Like our colleagues from the e-magazine Send On the other hand. In fact, the alarm sounds because these are metal particles that are likely to end up in children’s snacks. Swallowing these particles can be extremely dangerous.

Warning! Risk ! Drinking reminder Announces a product recall affecting all Intermarché stores in France

The government website is available to all consumers. Pages are data that distributors add. They are also required to do so by law. In fact, when a product is considered dangerous, it is immediately recalled by the brand. Then, the law forces distributors to circulate the information as quickly and as widely as possible. That is why simple stickers on the shelves are not enough. Even the statement on the site Drinking reminder Not enough to raise the alarm. Then you have to convey the information extensively. a reason objection He talks to you about this case, just like Send The day before and our other colleagues will do it after.

It should also be noted that the government website is the only one of its kind. Other platforms have taken the initiative to share product recalls, but now Drinking reminder It is the only website for information to be clear, reliable and centralized. In short, a way to make the alert more effective. Thanks to this information site, consumers know what to look for when they need answers about a product undergoing a recall. In particular references to products that present a risk to consumers.

Children’s snacks may contain metal particles

This food product is already on sale in all Intermarché stores in France. It is a food product belonging to the category of dairy products. Children enjoy eating this product as a snack but also as a dessert. And let’s be honest, kids probably aren’t the only consumers to be warned about. In fact, it is not uncommon for young people to appreciate this type of product as well. So whether you are a parent or a lover of these handy little water bottles, be extra careful to carry around.

The alert pertains to this branded product. Les P’tits Tricks”. More specifically, a product packaged in the form of a cardboard box containing 4 small plastic pills weighing 85 grams. More specifically, here are the product references you will need to check to ensure that you are consuming this product safely.

  • GTIN Number: 3250392435363
  • Batch number: 12129951
  • Usage date: October 28, 2022
  • health tag: France 50.127.002.CE

your magazine objection I cannot stress enough, this product is not fit for consumption. In fact, the site Drinking reminder Determines that the hazard is the presence of metal particles in these products. So the alert should be taken seriously. Because consuming these dairy snacks for sale in all Intermarché stores in France can cause great harm. Eating these “chocolate-flavored dairy desserts” could cause serious injury. That is why Interarché is issuing an alert to its customers to return these products urgently. They will be compensated, with or without providing the receipt. On a simple check of references for these products. Finally, the valuable product recall will expire on March 13, 2022.

In fact, it is not uncommon for parents to be able to stock up on this type of food. Since their expiration date is off and this product can be stored at room temperature, feel free to check in your cupboards. Therefore, these yogurts are subject to the alert for a little less than two months. and writingobjection He invites you to spread the message so that tragedies can be avoided.

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