A Royal Nightmare review on Amazon

A Royal Nightmare review on Amazon

A picture of a princess stopped

“Where the fuck am I?” It is Kristen Stewart’s first words to Lady Diana. Diana Spencer is lost on the British Plains on the edge of her Porsche, as she searches her way to find the castle where she must spend Christmas alongside the royal family. And his first sentence really says a lot about what’s going on Spencer He will tell about the famous princess. While you are literally searching for the right path, The spectator understands that he will rush into the abyss of a princess who no longer knows her whereabouts.

Well, no, Lady Diana is fully aware of her physical whereabouts when she arrives at Sandringham Castle. However, she has the feeling that she does not know what she is doing there, does not know why she is there, and finally, she no longer knows who she is, no longer knows that she belongs. In the royal family, in the world. Really lost in the English countryside in the early minutes of the film, she completely lost my mind.

This existential stray, Pablo Larren will make it his focal point. Because the Chilean knows very well that he cannot say anything new about Princess Diana, it is she who has been at the center of many documentaries, reports, literary works, television fiction … far from him! Spencer Yet another autobiographical, but to make it “a tale inspired by true tragedy” as the opening session declares.

Spencer: Kristen Stewart PicturesHope you are in a hurry

Acquisition of Elle Diana

And therefore , Spencer He tells a false fairy tale of Diana. The dream of the famous princess of a little girl gradually turned into a nightmare. This tale where Prince Charming is not so much a savior as a persecutor, where the majesty of the place is too cold to be unbearable, where it becomes impossible to bear the weight of tradition and where the slightest hope of freedom is reduced to nothing by perpetual control (this militaristic atmosphere of the kitchens) .

In the middle of this rigor, Diana, locked up, was devastated. Like Jackie With Jackie Kennedy’s character, the director (thanks to Stephen Knight’s screenplay) would Look at the tragic fate of a historical (and still feminine) figure. after Jackie And Mother) crushed by the burden of the myth of her supremacy. By making Lady Diana the focus of nearly all of his plans, the feature film immerses the viewer in Diana’s stricken soul (between eating disorders and depression) and nearly forces her to become one with her soul.

Spencer: Kristen Stewart PicturesGhosts roam

road to Suffer side by side with the princess her constant awareness, who seems to find only an ounce of happiness through the looks of her two children (and best friend who is embodied by the sensitive Sally Hawkins). But the film maker will take more zigzag paths. Because in addition to being a true psychological thriller, Spencer He will soon explore other lands.

In a surreal delirium, Spencer It takes on air from a pure horror movie, even from a radical horror. A number of sequences are reminiscent of Jack Torrance’s dementia at the Overlook Hotel in shining. The lanes seem to close themselves, the night walks hide strange shadows and gradually the mist takes over the place, and the already cold air smothers a little more. It is difficult even to distinguish right from wrong in this oppressive camera.

From this fanciful appearance of Anne Boleyn to that of jam-packed Gregory in a cold room, passing through this near-absent royal family, multiple ghosts seem to inhabit the place (this is the gorgeous plaque in the kitchen where we refer to “they hear us”). Undoubtedly , The unreal and almost real are one in Spencer Going beyond the ordinary To turn into an extraordinary business.

Spencer: Kristen Stewart PicturesBehind the happy life, dreams are destroyed

shining stuart

With an impressive technical mastery, well aided by the amazing work of French director of photography Claire Mathon and the sometimes powerful spectral music, sometimes jazz of Johnny Greenwood (one of the best composers of the time), Thus, Pablo Larrain depicts the fears and misfortunes of a misunderstood heroine. And to be honest, the coldness of his hardware, seriously like the Royal Air, would be disconcerting. To some, a feature film may seem heavy and overly important. It must be admitted that the Chilean has an inordinate love of metaphors and symbols.

Between a scarecrow a symbol of a dead soul, a house in ruins a symbol of a lost past, sewn curtains a symbol of the loss of freedom or vice versa, a final adventure by a car as a symbol of regaining freedom. .. Everything is figurative in the movie Pablo Larren. So obviously many would see it as a somewhat futile exercise in style., perhaps flowery, annoying, even boring.

Spencer: Kristen Stewart PicturesA very imaginative journey

though, Spencer It is just the opposite from the moment you agree to dive into it with the same invasive mayhem of Lady Diana. Because behind this profusion of surreal metaphors, there is a near-purgatory immersion in the tormented mind of a person as famous as his gang set aside by history. A terrifying descent with multiple subtexts like ghosts that frustrate the imaginations of this lady, who was just waiting for a miracle to finally fly away to another destiny. Furthermore, Diana is adorably embodied by Kristen Stewart.

The actress, with devastating talent, managed to capture her facial expressions until her last consolidation. Between the semi-voluntary exaggeration of the scenes with the outside world to support the role the princess herself played in front of the audience or the paparazzi and the natural appetite during her enchanted arcs with her sons (the most beautiful scenes of the film) and Kristen Stewart finds the most important role of her career there. Even better, it bears the undisputed memory of the deceased princess, and manages to revive her fragility and impossible desires for freedom. heartbreaking.

Spencer has been available on Amazon Prime Video in France since January 17, 2021

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