Xbox Game Pass: 9 games in the spotlight until the end of January 2022, including big ones

Xbox Game Pass: 9 games in the spotlight until the end of January 2022, including big ones

Today was crazy in Microsoft, after revealing the unexpected seizure ofActivision-Blizzard at a high price. This does not prevent him from continuing to make his usual advertisements, especially on the part of Xbox Game PassWe’ll see what additions are coming in the next two weeks.

There are many expected titles, including rainbow six extractAnd rainbow six sig on the computer , Nobody saves the worldAnd Windjammers 2And Pupperazzi or Hitman Trilogy. There are surprises like Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc Anniversary Edition wear today X-Box and personal computers, death door And Taiko no Tatsugen: Master of the Drum. Great program to discover in detail below, also with 9 new games that can be played with touch controls and 4 departures on January 31st.

Available today

  • Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc Anniversary Edition (cloud, console, and PC)

Investigate murders, search for clues, and talk to your classmates to prepare for the trial. During this, words will become deadly weapons when you interact with various suspects. Analyze their words to use against them and highlight their lies!

  • Nobody Saves the World (Cloud, Console & PC) ID @ Xbox

Available on release in Game Pass: When disaster awakens, you must save the world. Master the different transformations to become a slug, ghost, dragon and more. Combine these to create powerful hybrids and defeat the forces of evil. Play in online co-op mode for players to save the world together! Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members can play on their mobile devices via Xbox Cloud Gaming using touch controls, no controller required!


  • Death’s Door (Cloud, Console & PC) ID @ Xbox – 20 janvier

Harvesting the souls of the dead and logging in at a specific time might be the most mundane business… but it’s a very honest job for a raven. Things get complicated when a desperate thief steals the soul she’s responsible for. You must then track down the thug to the unfathomable depths of a world that escapes death. But beware… This place is crawling with creatures that were supposed to have died long ago, beings matched only by their immeasurable greed. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members can play on their mobile devices via Xbox Cloud Gaming using touch controls, no controller required!

  • The Hitman Trilogy (Cloud, Console & PC) ID @ Xbox – Jan 20

Discover the trilogy and become Agent 47, a legendary assassin. Go on an adventure around the world and enjoy missions rich in details and full of opportunities to take down your targets. Take out the heavy artillery, steal camouflage or stay in the shadows, the choice is yours.

  • Pupperazzi (Cloud, Console & PC) ID @ Xbox – 20 janvier

Available at release on Game Pass: This photography game puts your love of dogs to the test. The better your photos are, the more new breeds, lenses, toys, and other accessories you’ll unlock to dress up your dogs. Sometimes cuddling and playing isn’t enough, keep your memories with these adorable dogs by immortalizing them in a movie.

  • Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Extraction (cloud, console and PC) – January 20

Available as soon as it launches in Game Pass: Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Extraction is a tactical FPS that can be played in up to 3 co-ops featuring the agents of the Rainbow Six universe you know well. With extensive customization of gear and special abilities, over 90 clever weapons and gadgets, its 12 ever-changing maps, unpredictable enemy mutations, and 13 types of dynamic missions, the experience will never be the same.

  • Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege: Deluxe Edition (PC) – January 20

It’s now available on console and in the cloud, and soon on Game Pass for PC. Immerse yourself in explosive 5v5 gameplay, high-level competition, and exciting team battles. Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege provides an ever expanding experience, with unlimited possibilities to perfect your strategy and lead your team to victory.

  • Windjammers 2 (Cloud, Console & PC) ID @ Xbox – 20 janvier

Available on release on Game Pass: The best Frisbee ever is back! With beautiful hand-drawn graphics, stunning new moves, brand-new characters, original gameplay mechanics and arenas, Windjammers 2 is the sequel you’ve always wanted.

  • Taiko no Tatsujin: The Drum Master (Console & PC) – January 27

Available at release on Game Pass: aim for a high score with Don and Ka in Taiko no Tatsujin: The Drum Master! Choose a song from over 70 songs and play it with your friends locally and online. Let the rhythm control you!

In case you miss it yourself

  • Spelunky 2 (Cloud) ID @ Xbox – Disponible

This challenging title at the crossroads of a roguelike and platformer game offers massive freedom by letting you dig your own way through procedurally generated caves and ruins. Get creative and tell a new story through your actions every time you play. Discover the secrets of Spelunky 2 alone or with your friends and learn more about the game by reading our article.

  • Anacrusis ID (Early Access) (Cloud) @ Xbox – Available

Anacrusis is a co-op FPS for 4 players in a massive spaceship stranded on the edge of known space. Team up with your friends and fight hordes of aliens to unlock special abilities, weapons and new ways to play that you can share with your allies! To discover 10 tips for surviving in his cruel world, go here.

  • Preinstall Far: Changing Tides Now

Set sail on a new adventure in Far: Changing Tides, available as soon as it launches with Xbox Game Pass on Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, and PC starting March 1! Pre-install the game now so you can play it when it’s released.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Benefits

We understand you love Halo Perks, so here are more Halo Infinite Multiplayer perks. Find out what’s available to you below in the benefits you can claim by visiting the Benefits section on console and PC or in the Xbox Game Pass app for iOS and Android.

  • Halo Infinite: Pack Pass Tense Warthog – Disponible

Customize your multiplayer arsenal with Warthog’s exclusive “Pass Tense” paint job, four double XP boosts, and four challenging swaps!

  • Doom Eternal: Raise the Underworld with 3 Cosmetic Packs – Available

Grab these three combos now to battle the hordes of Hell in style in the epic Doom Eternal campaign or Battlemode, or show off in photo mode.

  • World of Tanks: Pack Trio Premium – Disponible

Dominate the battlefield with 3 distinct super powerful tanks equipped with devastating weapons! You will also get seven days of Premium Time and 850 Gold to enjoy a great experience.

Nine additional games compatible with touch controls

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members can now play 9 additional games with touch controls! Find the full list of compatible games here and start playing on the Xbox app on Windows PC, mobile app on Android devices, or from on your Windows PC or Apple phones and tablets, no need to the joystick. Here is a list of new titles with touch controls:

  • anvil (early access);
  • Archive ;
  • EXO WAN ;
  • Forgotten City ;
  • Nobody saves the world ;
  • One Piece Pirate Warriors 4 ;
  • Space Warlords Organ Trading Simulator ;
  • Stardu Valley ;
  • evacuation ;
  • death door (January 20).

They leave us on January 31st

The following games will be leaving Game Pass soon, which means it’s time to dive in again before they leave! Remember, you can use the members-only discount to save up to 20% on purchasing these titles and keeping them in your library!

  • cyber shadow (cloud, console and PC)
  • There is no place for a prophet (cloud, console and PC)
  • prison engineer (computer)
  • Zeno Crisis (cloud, console and PC)


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