From the ashes of Jaboma, Algeria will be reborn

From the ashes of Jaboma, Algeria will be reborn

Algeria lost yesterday against Equatorial Guinea after a difficult match. More than a defeat, this evening seemed to be the culmination of shortcomings that had been seen for months. However, sporting disappointment aside, the darkness of defeat seems to be the occasion to see a light spring there. A light as a symbol of a new cycle, a cycle whose start could be the confrontation against Côte d’Ivoire next Thursday.

Indomitable chain dictation

Yes, if this defeat is particularly painful, it is because it forces the Foxes to win their confrontation against Côte d’Ivoire. But also and above all because it puts an end to this famous chain of immunity. The dictatorship that Belmadi and his men imposed on the continent lasted for nearly three years and 35 encounters. A period when the pride of the people for his choice was at its height, and finally, yesterday, the gap between this restoration and the symbolism of this disappointment was agonizing. Algeria narrowly failed behind Italy. If this reality is undeniable, then a careful examination of the facts attributes to the opacity of the picture that can be painted.

It seems that the series has become a burden for Belmadi and his men, and its end may be an opportunity. Indeed, it seems to have privatized the spirit of the players as the coach himself proved in the post-match conference last night: “We wanted to get the world championship, but we are second or third. This series occupies our thoughts and that is normal. But now there is another thing to look for, which is qualification.”. The ease will prompt some to read these lines with a sarcastic eye, as it will be said that this is a bandage to better absorb the injury. Once you get out of this “what people are going to say” comes the fact-checking. Algeria appears to be having a hard time dealing with their weak times, a team that, when shaken or slow to make a difference, alarmingly loses its composure. Yesterday, in the face of Burkina Faso, tensions, estimations and fractured gatherings were the witnesses to this fear of failure. A state of mind that is bitterly different from the mathematical state acquired by EN.

What a watchful eye might have missed, Djamel Belmadi, who is usually very calm, had been screaming by his side for some time. He doubles up on gestures, gives voice, and his body testifies to the mental fever that his group has been in for some time. A fact that contrasts with the unemotional character with which this choice led to a resounding success since its induction. Contagious nervousness seems to be affected by the Algerian group. Algeria seemed to be fighting against itself already. Far from disastrous discoveries, it would be absurd to condemn a group whose quality is well established. The end of this series could remove the pressure that crippled Algeria’s golden generation and open the way for a new era.

Hope will pass through Ivory Coast

The disappointment seems to make her forget, but yes, Algeria is still in contention in this tournament. They do not have to rely on results on other grounds from their group, and a victory over the Ivorians will be enough to qualify. The situation is unprecedented under Belmadi’s mandate, Algeria is back to the wall and has to fight for its flogging. To turn this circumstance into an opportunity, it will be necessary to learn lessons without erasing everything. Mass remobilization of an adequate and sometimes lender group is essential. If it is possible to talk about the lack of group renewal in certain situations, about the very weak competition of some players whose condition becomes heavy, then the urgency lies in the psychological approach. hopeful group rebellion On the Algerian side, resignation is not on the agenda. At a press conference, Djamel Belmadi insisted on the determination in which he lives: “Of course I believe in it! Until I die, I will believe it. I reminded them of 2018. They were all there. What’s the hardest? Wake up next or now after 3 years of work?” Chaos began and it seemed that Belmadi and his men had taken on the level of combat that awaited them.

As a testament to the challenge, a closed training session was held today. A solemn moment in which the scattering of spirits is combated. However, when the coach develops his notes, the passages wonder: ” There is not always a rational answer to everything. You can outrageously dominate without scoring or taking a point, and you can talk about it for hours. We create chances by tens, but no ball wants to go to the bottom. If a variety of interpretations are accepted for the English matches, i.e. those of a team that has outrageously dominated the discussions, only the catch at the time of the conclusion seems not to stick to reality. We have already seen for months content that alternates between mediocre and great. But we are used to Jamal’s communication Belmadi, who is not in the habit of revealing his team’s advances to the press. Skeptical and eager to create a bubble of protection around his group, we hope that the explosion is not only caused by a rhetoric of opposition between “us” and “them” and that the relevant technical outcomes have been identified. Undoubtedly different.

Reasons to believe

The first but not least is the coach’s ability, always present, to unite around him. If we can discuss the method, it is still credible with its players and it is clear that it is a sinequanon requirement to send any message. On the other hand, he is developing in a context that is ready to be patient with him because he has the confidence of the FAF leaders, but also the confidence of the people and the press who have no short memory of his tenure. The atmosphere is healthy and appears to be conducive to working quietly on the decisive encounter against the Ivorians. On a mathematical level, it is clear that the intrinsic and collective quality of the group led by Belmadi allows us to believe in a possible reversal of the trend. The poor performance of EN executives is more of a negative group vortex than a deteriorating individual reasoning. The challenge will certainly be to reverse the negative spiral. For this, we can rely in particular on the return of Ramez Zerrougui, and the return to group training, whose slaughter can help relieve the partners who have been struggling so far.

As for Côte d’Ivoire, they are undoubtedly one of the best-equipped teams on the continent. Disappointed after being stuck in the final moments of the match against Sierra Leone, the team led by Patrice Baumel struggled to impress. The two teams arrive at a mathematical logic complex in content even if the Ivorians are less crammed at the accounting level. The intrinsic quality of the elephants is impressive, but it is nonetheless difficult to imagine a better moment to take on a giant from the continent and produce a reference match for Algeria. Provided you’re hungry, this is the perfect opportunity to reclaim the reputation that took mud from the infamous Japoma Stadium on Sunday night.


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