Evelyn: 'Threatened' after course on evolution illustrated with photo of Soprano, 'hacked' teacher

Evelyn: ‘Threatened’ after course on evolution illustrated with photo of Soprano, ‘hacked’ teacher

Miscellaneous – A teacher from a college in Traps had to be “discharged” from her institution and from Evelyn’s department after threats after a course on human evolution where the image of an ape and an image of the singer-soprano were linked.

School “intruder“After the threats. That’s what happened at a college in Traps, where a professor found herself at the center of a neighborhood controversy, to the point of leaving Evelyn’s department, outlining Parisian Which this Tuesday reveals about the case that took place in December 2020.

During a class 3 class in December 2020, an SVT (Life and Earth Sciences) teacher decided, To interest the students AFP has appealed for a picture of a French rapper of Comoros origin to be put into a timeline. The newspaper reported that the presence of an image of a monkey on this frieze angered the father of one of the students.

Notify law enforcement immediately

Two months into that lesson, the teacher was called by the school principal to make an appointment with the guardian, whose profile was not identified, who judged the juxtaposition of the two photos as racist and relayed part of the course on Facebook by questioning him. According to the director of the University of Versailles, contacted by AFP, “The academy has taken this situation very seriously.” the cars “Any message of hate or threat that could be directed at the Academy staff is the subject of extremely vigilant interest in our services.

The directorate determined that the police were “Immediately informed from the accident and that job protection was granted (to the teacher). And the case took a turn for the worse, two months after Samuel Baty was assassinated and beheaded in the same circle.

“I lost everything”

The 35-year-old professor from Trappes received several threats after her father posted on social networks, which he deleted after meeting in college. “Shocked by the assassination of Samuel BatyThen she filed a complaint and the region’s intelligence police visited her and asked her to do so “to leave Ile-de-France as soon as possible”, You remember, now a substitute teacher is in another area.

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“I lost everything, everything I built for ten years, this man stole my life and I was so afraid for my life‘She tells AFP over the phone, ‘I’d like to work from now on’.close to his family. In November, the student’s father was sentenced for harassment by a public online communications service to six months in prison and €13,600 in compensation by the Versailles court. The Public Prosecution Agency explained to AFP that the defendant was acquitted of the charge of publicly abusing an official through the means of communication, adding that the appeal is underway.

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