Senegal is addicted to the ball but qualified, and Guinea passes too

Senegal is addicted to the ball but qualified, and Guinea passes too

group order b

With one goal scored without a goal conceded in three matches, Senegal finished undefeated. If the level of play of Sadio Mane’s partners disappoints, the first place in Group B will be taken and a ticket for Round 16 of the 2022 African Cup of Nations will be in the pocket.

In second place behind the Teranga Lions, Guinea missed their match against Zimbabwe. Naby Keita’s teammates made a certain difference against Malawi thanks to their victory on the second day (1-0). If Zimbabwe were eliminated despite their fine win, Malawi still hoped to rank third among the best with four points.

group order b

1. Senegal 5 points (+1) to qualify for eighth place

2. Guinea 4 points (0) to qualify for eighth place

3. Malawi 4 points (0)

4. Zimbabwe 3 points (-1).

Senegal qualified but still disappointing, Guinea lost but qualified

The match between Malawi and Senegal ended 0-0. Teranga Lions finished first in Group B with five points.

Guinea, who was defeated by Zimbabwe (2-1), finished second with four points and were ahead of Malawi by a special margin.

It’s almost over, nothing has been fixed

Four minutes of extra time for Guinea, which will be the first to achieve a tie. Three minutes into the match between Malawi and Senegal as Sadio Mane’s partners hope to retain the top spot.

Nice sequence by Diedhiou

Famara signs Diedhiou for a chest shot but sees his attempt get caught by Thomu. Senegal pay but Malawi held out a few minutes before the end of the match.

Scores after 85 minutes:

Malawi – Senegal: 0-0

Zimbabwe – Guinea: 2-1

Senegal can’t do that

After this penalty rejected by the video, Senegal is doing very well. With a goal from Malawi, Teranga Lions would have fallen to third in this group B.

Scores after 80 minutes:

Malawi – Senegal: 0-0

Zimbabwe – Guinea: 2-1

Penalty kick denied by VAR for Malawi, Senegal doing well

A foul on the Malawian striker in the Senegalese surface, Bona walked his hook. But after a video intervention, the referee reconsiders his decision and returns the ball to Senegal. There was a bug, probably outside the box but the connection ended in the box.

Pape Gueye enters the field

After being suspended by FIFA a few minutes after Senegal’s second match, Pape Jouyi is taking advantage of the appeal of my ban. The OM midfielder has just walked into Nampalys Mendy Square.

Scores after 71 minutes:

Malawi – Senegal: 0-0

Zimbabwe – Guinea: 2-1

Keita firecracker on video

Guinea, still one goal behind, is still hoping for an equaliser. Hope provided by the great strike of Naby Keita. Mine from the left to review the video.

Zimbabwe clings to the top of the goal

Zimbabwe’s players stay on the ground with every touch and gain valuable seconds while Guinea press to equalize.

Scores after 67 minutes:

Malawi – Senegal: 0-0
Zimbabwe – Guinea: 2-1

Bayo enters the field of Guinea

The Guinean coach tries everything for everything. Mohamed Bayo enters the field and will try to equalise. He has 28 minutes left to score.

Bambagol replaces Diallo

The first minutes of this 2022 Africa Cup of Nations for Bamba Dieng. OM striker replaces Habib Diallo. The Strasbourg player was disappointing on Tuesday. Bambagol knows his fifth choice with Senegal and hopes to score his first goal.

Scores after 61 minutes:

Malawi – Senegal: 0-0
Zimbabwe – Guinea: 2-1

Jay stumbles on Malawi goalkeeper

Another big chance for Senegal with a header from Idrissa Gaye. Went out to a corner by Charles Thomo. Teranga Lions have been pressing since play resumed but Malawi is holding its ground for the time being

The first warning of the time that Zimbabwe has to offer

Talbert Shumba received yellow to save time and an intense challenge from the Zimbabwean goalkeeper. It could be complicated for the end of the match if you start in the 56th minute…

Scores after 56 minutes:

Malawi – Senegal: 0-0

Zimbabwe – Guinea: 2-1

Keita greets Guinea

Naby Keita signs a nice lunge and then unleashes a powerful kick from the left. The captain of Guinea scored his tenth goal by selection and revived his team from the beginning of the second season.

Scores after 50 minutes:

Malawi – Senegal: 0-0

Zimbabwe – Guinea: 2-1

What a click from a Malawi goalkeeper

Finally an opportunity for Senegal. In a strange free kick, Habib Diallo put his head down and forced Charles Tomoe to issue an impressive title. The lions of Teranga finally wake up!

Second period begins

There was no change in the break during the break during Malawi-Senegal but we are hoping for a better performance on the pitch.

Zimbabwe’s first top scorer, Musuna made way for Bhasera against Guinea.

Scores after 46 minutes:

Malawi – Senegal: 0-0

Zimbabwe – Guinea: 2-0

It’s half the time, rating point

It’s the rest. If Malawi defends Senegal, Edouard Mendy keeps their cages fixed and provisionally offers the top spot in the group to his team.

Especially since at the same time, Guinea leads with two goals from Zimbabwe but remains ahead of Malawi by a special margin.

Half time rating:

1. Senegal 5 points (+1)

2. Guinea 4 points (-1)

3. Malawi 4 points (0)

4. Zimbabwe 3 points (0).

Zimbabwe scores again, Guinea in great danger

Kodakwashi Mahachi provides the second goal for Zimbabwe. Already knocked out, Tino Kadewere’s teammates are in a big game and have a great outing. A goal can change things to qualify.

Fortunately for the Guineans, they stayed ahead of Malawi by a certain margin but would be in third place if they defeat Senegal on goal difference.

Scores after 44 minutes:

Malawi – Senegal: 0-0

Zimbabwe – Guinea: 2-0

Malawi grows, Edward Mendy pushes back

Another ran on the left wing and Edward Mendy had to deflect from a corner kick. It’s not working, but this Senegalese team is worried because it’s getting frustrated.

Scores after 40 minutes:

Malawi – Senegal: 0-0

Zimbabwe – Guinea: 1-0

What a return from Abdo Diallo

Because of not playing, Senegal came close to reform. After a sprint from Mhango, it took a big comeback from Abdo Diallo to avoid a head-to-head confrontation with Mindy.

Ibrahima Cisse takes yellow

Elbow at the back of the opponent and that makes a logical yellow card for Ibrahima Cisse, Guinea’s only goal scorer during the 2022 Africa Cup of Nations.

Scores after 35 minutes:

Malawi – Senegal: 0-0

Zimbabwe – Guinea: 1-0

Striker Musuna was evacuated on a stretcher and then returned to the pitch

Moments after his goal, Knowledge Musona was evacuated on a stretcher. The caregivers turn to the side to see how the player is doing. His replacement has not yet entered the park and the Zimbabwean captain is asking for his appeal.

Scores after 32 minutes:

Malawi – Senegal: 0-0

Zimbabwe – Guinea: 1-0

Header for Zimbabwe

In a corner poorly cleared by the Guinean defense, Knowledge Musona was left alone in the near post. The Zimbabwean captain scores with a great header.

Scores after 26 minutes:

Malawi – Senegal: 0-0

Zimbabwe – Guinea: 1-0

Not much pace in either game

Despite the new long shot that ended overhead in Zimbabwe’s favour, the standard of play was not yet good in these two matches.

Scores after 25 minutes:

Malawi – Senegal: 0-0

Zimbabwe – Guinea: 0-0

Kouyaté warned and arrested in event 8

Cheihou Kouyaté takes a reasonable yellow card after an elbow in an aerial duel. The Crystal Palace player regrets his gesture but will be suspended in the round of 16. It is ugly for Senegal.

Scores after 21 minutes:

Malawi – Senegal: 0-0

Zimbabwe – Guinea: 0-0

Great opportunity for Malawi

Senegal allowed itself to be pushed around for a few minutes. A violent blow from Mweba passes hard over Edward Mendy’s cages. The Chelsea and Teranga Lions goalkeeper looked defeated. The first intimidating size for Senegal in this match.

Scores after 17 minutes:

Malawi – Senegal: 0-0

Zimbabwe – Guinea: 0-0

Tijiri strikes from a distance to Zimbabwe .. close

A violent kick from a Zimbabwean player, but she misses. Nice introduction to Tino Kadewere Partners. Despite being eliminated from the African Cup of Nations, they boldly played their luck in an attempt to save their honor against Guinea.

Scores after 14 minutes:

Malawi – Senegal: 0-0

Zimbabwe – Guinea: 0-0

Manny’s first chance

Sadio Mane is found in the area and is trying to dive a bit out of the cold. But the Senegalese striker’s shot crossed the goal. Idrissa Gaye was behind his teammate and looks a bit frustrated as he couldn’t shoot on target instead of Mane.

Scores after eight minutes:

Malawi – Senegal: 0-0

Zimbabwe – Guinea: 0-0

Matches begin

He went in both areas. We’ll see how quickly the three teams still on their way to the playoffs (Malway, Senegal and Guinea) play.

A place to sing before the matches start

Tout juste élu meilleur gardien de l’année 2021 par la Fifa, Edouard Mendy aura à coeur de briller ce mardi pour aider le Sénégal à se qualifier pour les huitièmes de finale de la CAN 2022. Mais d’abord, place auxt hymnes a kickoff.

Malawi squad – Senegal

Malawi XI: Thomu – Chirwa, Chembezi, Chaziya, Sanudi – Madinga, Banda, Idana, Mhone – Mhango, Muyaba.

Eleventh from Senegal: Edward Mendy – Ciss, Abdo Diallo, Coulibaly, Bona Sar-Goy, Nambalis Mendy, Kouyate – Mani, Habib Diallo, Dia.

alignment of zimbabwe and guinea

Eleventh in Zimbabwe: Lions – Takwara, Kamusoko, Muduhwa – Zemura, horses, Kangwa, Tiger, Murwira – Musona, Muskwe.

Eleven guinea: Ali Keita – Suri Conte II, Camara, Osman Kante – Sila, Naby Keita, Kanye, Moriba, Ciseh – Jose Cante, Kappa.

First in Zimbabwe and Guinea

And for the first time in CAN history, a 100% women’s quartet will run on Tuesday during the match between Zimbabwe and Guinea.

Rwandan Salima Rdia Mukansanga will be at the siren and will be assisted by Carlene Atemzafong (Cameroon) and Fatiha Jermouni (Morocco).

Group B classification before the last day

1. Senegal 4 points (+1)

2. Guinea 4 points (+1)

3. Malawi 3 points (0).

4. Zimbabwe with 0 points (-2).

Good morning all,

Starting at 5pm, follow the live commentary on RMC Sport’s website and app for Malawi-Senegal and Zimbabwe-Guinea during the 2022 CAN.

The thrill is total in this group B as the third day matches will be played at the same time in Cameroon. Senegal and Guinea are tied with four points, vying for the top spot in the group. But beware, Malawi still believes in it.

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