Grands Buffets de Narbonne employees will earn 30% more

Grands Buffets de Narbonne employees will earn 30% more

Louis Privat, founder and president of the largest restaurant in France, wants to make the job more attractive. By increasing its listing price. This morning he explained the features on Tuesday.

The fizz was in order in the large rotisserie room of the Grands Buffets de Narbonne. About fifty employees, including chefs, have their heads tied with strict masks, and are waiting for the news that circulated a few weeks ago in the largest restaurant in France.

Luis Privat, founder and president of the brand declared: “Your purchasing power will increase by 20 to 35%”. It will be depending on the difficulty of the job here they are all represented. At the end of the speech, the employees applaud for their service. The restaurant fills up super fast and here, excellence is the key word.

incentive bonus

A short while ago, Louis Privat called on the press to explain his remark: “Between the hardship and the salaries on offer, our jobs are no longer attractive. It is becoming increasingly difficult to persuade young people to enter our profession. Accept the sacrifice of their family life, their evenings, weekends, summer vacations… We are facing a turnover that is extremely difficult to manage”.

According to him, the only lever that can stop the bleeding is an increase in wages. The more accurately their purchasing power, corrects. This will be the case of January salaryPaid in the form of an incentive bonus. This will range from €250, for the lowest salary, to nearly €900 extra on the payroll, depending on occupations that pay more than €4,000.

An option verified by unions and employee representatives, such as pastry chef Olivier Quelud: “We thought about it very quickly. If you are told either we are increasing your salary by €250, or with a profit-sharing bonus, you are earning an extra €500 every month, you will not think much“.

This arrangement, even more beneficial to the staff and the president, is made possible by social law attorney Me Nelly Besset, who follows the restaurant in its broad social commitment that has already made headlines.“Like maintaining 100% of salaries and gratuities during the seven months of lockdown, includes summer 2019,” The lawyer remembers.

“Historic Turn”

How does he plan to finance it? Simply by increasing its all-inclusive price to reach the most luxurious dishes by a few euros in the spirit of Rables for the restaurant because “We can’t fund it with stocks, we’re coming out of a two-year deficit”He remembers. and moved from 42.90 euros to 47.90 euros, from 1is being February. The problem, according to Grands Buffets president, remains the profession’s obsession with value for money: “I see lunch formulas at 12.50 euros. If he raises it to 14 euros and the service is good, they will get it, and the public will follow”President urges.

Of course, he will have to convince his 350 thousand customers to pay 5 euros more, but this does not worry Louis Privat: “I am convinced that the public can understand and support our approach”. He puts into the lottery the 10% of foreigners who push the door of the imposing building: “It is very good that the foreigners, who are in our area and in our restaurant, will pay their share in this effort”.

However, Louis Privat does not push the profession to follow his example: “We are not white knights, nor are we doing a crusade for the profession. But as the first restaurant in France, we wanted to show that it’s possible. It’s a historic turnaround”. And you’ll have to keep booking in advance to make sure…

Exceptional restaurant

More than just an establishment, Les Grands Buffets de Narbonne is a mirror of the French gastronomy that offers an all-you-can-eat buffet that has been a success. Opened in 1989, it became the largest restaurant in France in terms of sales. Which “will exceed 20 million euros in 2022,” Luis Privat predicts. It has 180 employees and almost all catering professions are represented. The restaurant is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records for the largest cheese plate, 111 different! It multiplies the distinctions, articles in magazines, and is so far the subject of a long-term (45-minute) report by Cnews. Its 350,000 customers annually (40% Occitanie, 50% France, 10% from abroad) can also take advantage of the cellar rate for the entire range of wines and champagnes. Its website has exceeded 1.6 million visits.

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