Jean-Jacques Bourdain targeted by an open investigation into suspected sexual assault

Jean-Jacques Bourdain targeted by an open investigation into suspected sexual assault

A suspected sexual assault investigation has been opened in Paris after a complaint filed by a former BFMTV/RMC journalist against journalist Jean-Jacques Bourdain, who is about to launch a new political programme, with the main candidates for the Elysee. The investigations were entrusted to the 16-person police statione the town. In response to a question by the French news agency (AFP), the Public Prosecutor’s Office in Paris said, Tuesday, January 18, the opening of an investigation into a case “sexual assault” About this complaint made by the former journalist at the same police station.

After the revelation in the parisian, On Saturday, with a sexual assault complaint relating to facts dating back to 2013, the management of Altice Media, the channel’s owner, backed the 72-year-old host while saying he was willing to accept it. “All measures that may be necessary” On the one hand “development” from this case.

According to the complaint consulted by AFP, this 33-year-old woman, who worked for several years with Mr. Bourdain on the channel’s morning program, asserts that she “grab the neck”And “close his face” him and him ” Try (for “)kiss over and over », without ” to reach “, at a hotel pool in Calvi (hot course) in October 2013. She would “discussion” They managed to get out of the pool. Then Mr. Borden said: “I always get what I want”And A threat from someone with a hierarchy, as she put it.

Then he sends it “for several months” Urgent emails and texts, adds the journalist who says she has “I was always in fear” Until her departure from the group in 2017. According to the press complaint “I found the courage to talk about it (…) with the release of Women’s Speech and the Nicolas Hollow case”, since the end of November through a preliminary investigation of “Rape and sexual assault”. “Rejoice” By opening this investigation, the complainant’s attorney, Mr.e Laure Hench.

These facts, which are more than eight years old, are likely to be described, and the prescription in this matter is six years.

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reject the accusations

The host denied the accusations. He was replying daily Paris :

“I know this person and have worked with him. I confess that I bathed with her in the swimming pool of this hotel. But I never tried to force her to kiss her, neither she nor anyone else.”

Altice Media Group, which owns RMC and BFM-TV, announced Sunday that it has launched an internal investigation, in particular. “to ensure that the directors or colleagues of the persons concerned (the complainant and the defendants) are not made aware of any facts of this kind.”.

“We do not underestimate this accusation or give it a disproportionate dimension.”, has been announced to Parisian Marc-Olivier Vogel, Managing Director of BFM-TV – The channel’s presidential election system gives central position to Mr. Bourdain. “There is nothing to prevent Jean-Jacques Bourdain from doing his job. A simple complaint does not justify the removal of someone”, he added. The Altice group asked AFP Tuesday, unwilling to make a new comment.

For its part, the press companies of BFM-TV, RMC and RMC Sport themselves questioned, on Sunday, On the importance of keeping Jean-Jacques Bourdain on air during the investigation..

Mr. Bourdain is preparing to launch his new political programme, “France in Laayoune”, a dialogue conducted in the region and live with the main candidates of the Elysee, opened on Tuesday evening by Valérie Pecres in Corres. The Republican candidate required her participation on a “Introductory statement” What will you do at the beginning of the show, “Before BFM-TV”, we learned in his entourage, without further details.

Dismissed from the RMC Morning Show in the summer of 2020 after nineteen years of service, Mr. Bourdain leads his final season at the helm of the 8:30 a.m. political interview on the radio and news channel continuously. A station personality, best known for his relentless interviews, he started as a sports journalist at RTL in 1976, where he worked before joining RMC.

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