The elimination of Ghana and Morocco took first place

The elimination of Ghana and Morocco took first place

Historic victory for Comoros, a big show between Gabon and Morocco

Quickly cornered by the Comoros, Ghana played a large part of the 10-11 match after Andre Ayew was sent off. There was no miracle and the Black Stars lost (2-3) to Ali Ahmed’s partners.

In the third set shock, Gabon took a lead twice against Morocco but a superb free kick from Achraf Hakimi gave a draw (2-2) and the first of the baraka for the Atlas Lions.

Gabon – Morocco: 2-2

Ghana – Comoros: 2-3

Ghana and Morocco are eliminated first

It ended up on both sides. Morocco and Gabon tied (2-2). Ghana lost to Comoros (2-3) and was excluded from the 2022 African Cup of Nations.

The leader of Morocco, Ghana almost eliminated

A superb free kick from Achraf Hakimi put Morocco back in first place in Al Baraka. In the other match, Comoros are in the process of eliminating Ghana and could secure qualification (which is somewhat unlikely) thanks to their first-ever CAN victory.

Temporary classification of group C:

1. Morocco 7 points

2. Gabon 5 points

3. Comoros 3 points

4. Ghana 1 point

Comoros leads the way, and Mugni doubles it

Beautiful mass movement from Comoros. Ahmed Mugni takes a good cross on the ground. Comoros is heading for its first victory in the African Cup of Nations.

Gabon – Morocco: 2-2

Ghana – Comoros: 2-3

Al-Hakimi scores a free kick and equalizes with Morocco

Achraf Hakimi tries his luck from a distance with a free kick outside the middle. Benefiting from the poor appreciation of the Gabonese goalkeeper, the right-wing side of Paris Saint-Germain allowed Morocco to draw a few minutes after the end of the match.

Gabon – Morocco: 2-2

Ghana – Comoros: 2-2

A CSC from Aguerd brings the edge back to Gabon

The defense of Morocco is a matter of great anticipation and anticipation. Jim Allevinah throws himself to avoid the exit in six metres. In the heart of Clermontois, Nayef Aguirre is pressured by Pobenza and deceives his team’s goalkeeper. Gabon returns to Group C captain. Another defensive error for the Atlas Lions.

Gabon – Morocco: 2-1

Ghana – Comoros: 2-2

Ghana tied and still believes in qualifying

In another corner in favor of the Black Stars, Alexandre Dzeko defeated Ali Ahmed. The Strasbourg defender equalizes from close range after Thomas Partey deviated at the near post. Ghana can still hope to finish third among the best third in the African Cup of Nations if they win. Hope is allowed.

Gabon – Morocco: 1-1

Ghana – Comoros: 2-2

Morocco becomes a leader again

By converting the penalty kick by Sofiane Boufal, Morocco returns to the top of Group C.

Temporary classification of group C:

1. Morocco 7 points

2. Gabon 5 points

3. Comoros 3 points

4. Ghana 1 point

Boufal gets justice and Morocco is fair

Sofiane Boufal turns with a beautiful strong kick. Langevin equalized and Morocco temporarily regained first place in Group C. This is Bouval’s second goal during the 2022 African Cup of Nations.

Boko foul Boufal, penalty kick for Morocco

The central referee does not hesitate but is video-checked. Pocco touched the ball first and then Buffal introduced. Jani Sikazoe has not been previously consulted and the penalty will be imposed without the VAR being checked.

Score reduced by Ghana

Almost after Ahmed Moghni’s second goal for Comoros, Bouaki sealed the difference with a header from a corner kick.

Once in the game, Richmond Bouake gave hope to the Black Stars.

Gabon – Morocco: 1-0

Ghana – Comoros: 1-2

Another goal for Comoros

Ahmed Maouni performs several tricks and performs the Ghanaian defense dance before shooting. It ends up at the bottom and Ghana looks closer and closer to elimination.

Gabon – Morocco: 1-0

Ghana – Comoros: 0-2

A goal for Al-Nusairi, but it is not allowed due to offside

Introduced in depth, Youssef Al-Nasiri saw Gabon goalkeeper Ammonom completely in hiding. If the Sevilla striker ends up without a problem in the empty goal, it makes sense to reject him for offside due to offside. It is still 1-0 to Gabon.

The model on the cover of the loofah

By dodging the ball out at six metres, Jim Alvina tried his luck and the volleyball hit Elmohamady’s crossbar. Gabon still missed the ball 2-0.

Boufal remplace Fajr

An offensive choice from coach Waheed, who leaves Faisal Fajr and brings Sufian Boufal. The Morocco coach does not want to finish second in Group C and is trying with everything to equalize or win with this shock against Gabon.

Levin values ​​the ball from 2-0

Embarrassed by a good comeback from the Moroccan hinge, Jim Allevinah saw his shot go away. The ball was 2-0 to Gabon.

Morocco pushes to equalise

The Atlas Lions control the ball that Gabon voluntarily let go. But Ashraf Al-Hakimi’s associates are not dangerous enough and expose themselves to the counterattacks of the Panthers.

And in the other match, Ghana is trying in vain to endanger the Comoros, but the rhythm is not crazy.

Gabon – Morocco: 1-0

Ghana – Comoros: 0-1

Andre Ayew’s expulsion pictures

Convicting him for a win hoping to finish eighth as a third best, Ghanaian Andre Ayew lost in the first half. The former OM striker made a big sole on the Comoros goalkeeper and received a red card after the intervention of the VAR.

Here we are again on both grounds

Note the entry of Addo to the place of Baba Rahman on the Ghanaian side facing Comoros.

In the event of a shock against Gabon, Morocco rushes in to attack and gets a corner. Do not do anything.

half-time tens

Taking advantage of a slip from Chakla, Jim Allevinah scored and provisionally saved the first place in Group C to Gabon. Nice photo of Panthers gathered in a circle in the middle of the field before returning to their locker room. It is still 1-0 for Gabon against Morocco.

In the other group match, Comoros advanced in the first half thanks to a historic goal from Alferdo Ben. The number was lowered to ten after Andre Ayew was sent off for being the only opposing goalkeeper, Ghana at the bottom of the wall. Ghanaians gather in the center of the field before returning to the locker room. They need to raise their level of play to believe in a potential qualification. At the moment, they are deprived of third place.

Gabon – Morocco: 1-0

Ghana – Comoros: 0-1

party!!!!!! next to

Barty takes a great free kick but is a few centimeters wide. Too bad for Ghana which is still under the leadership of Comoros.

Ghana presses for a draw, Morocco raises its head a little

At the age of 10 versus 11, Ghana had no choice left and had to sign up. But Ali Hamadeh is watching the grain in the cages of Comoros.

In the shock of this Group C, Morocco regains control of the ball but the best chance remains a long shot from Kanga that veered into a corner.

Gabon – Morocco: 1-0

Ghana – Comoros: 0-1

Replaced by God’s hope

After only 32 minutes of play, coach Waheed replaced the chair. Mother of God enters the field and will try to help Morocco bring down Gabon.

Gabon – Morocco: 1-0

Ghana – Comoros: 0-1

Comoros goalkeeper injured from Ayew, Ahmada enters the match

Andre Ayew was ruled out for his only position on Ben Buena, and the Comoros goalkeeper quickly followed him into the locker room. And for good reason, the unfortunate Ben Buena was injured in this act. Enter Toulouse Ali Hamada former to the grass.

Andre Ayew was sent off for a single comment on the Comoros goalkeeper

In the struggle of trying to touch the ball, Andre Ayew intervenes and touches the sole of the Comoros goalkeeper. After viewing the images on the video, the former OM operator receives a red card. Harsh for a player from Ghana who leaves his team outnumbered and in a very bad situation.

Gabon is provisionally first in the group

With this goal by Jim Allevinah, Gabon temporarily took first place in Group C.

Temporary classification of group C:

1. Gabon 7 points

2. Morocco 6 points

3. Comoros 3 points

4. Ghana 1 point

Allevinah Gabon launched after the dumpling of Chakla

In a harmless act, Jim Allevinah exploits a big mistake from Chakla.

Al-Gabuni follows the Moroccan center Zhalika and deceives Al-Mohammadi. It is already the second goal of the Claremont striker in the 2022 Africa Cup of Nations.

Nice return from Ecuelé-Manga

En-Nesri is faster than Bruno Ecuelé-Manga and will try his luck when the Gabonese defender can get him back and thus avoid facing the goalkeeper head-on. There is no goal yet in this confrontation between Gabon and Morocco.

Gabon – Morocco: 0-0

Ghana – Comoros: 0-1

Kanga hits hard in Gabon

Morocco and Gabon struggle to be dangerous in this confrontation for the first place in Group C. Kanga tries his luck from afar for the Panthers but goes too far from the Moroccan goal.

The first yellow in the match for Soleimani

The author of the jersey lottery, Slimani received a logical yellow card. Should Comoros qualify, they will miss a possible round of 16 in the African Cup of Nations.

Gabon – Morocco: 0-0

Ghana – Comoros: 0-1

Temporary Classification of Group C

The goal scored by Comoros temporarily eliminates Ghana, which can no longer qualify for third place.

Temporary classification of group C:

1 – Morocco 7 points (qualified)

2. Gabon 5 points

3. Comoros 3 points

4. Ghana 1 point

Ghana is on the verge of elimination

With this goal from Comoros, Ghana finds itself temporarily last in Group C and is eliminated. A terrible blow to partners Andre and Jordan Ayew.

Gabon – Morocco: 0-0

Ghana – Comoros: 0-1

The goal of the Comoros by Alfardo Ben!!!!!

Alferdo Ben pays defender Ghana and pays a good shot. Red Star Belgrade player scored the first goal in the history of Comoros in the African Cup of Nations.

Having already been eliminated, Comoros could still take third place if they win. It started off well with that first goal. Ghana is on the brink.

It went both ways

The last two matches in Group C start simultaneously. Who will join Senegal and Guinea in today’s qualifiers? Reply in just under two hours.

Tunisia-Mali’s controversial ruling on videotape for Gabon and Morocco

And the video referee for the match between Gabon and Morocco is none other than Jani Sikazoi. The Zambian official noticed an early whistle and twice at the end of the match between Tunisia and Mali.

A place for hymns

Pre-match protocol is running smoothly. In a few moments, the Group C match will start. An idea for the Aubameyang-Lemina duo who left the Gabon rally after heart attacks linked to Covid-19. A new status for cheetahs during the 2022 African Cup of Nations.

Ghana in hard

To hope to see match eight, Ghana must thoroughly defeat Comoros on Tuesday night. But even if he wins and Morocco-Gabon ends in a draw, it will still be third in the group. You will then have to exit the calculator…

Line up Ghana and Comoros

Ghana: Wollacott – A. Baba, Djiku, Amartey, Yiadom – Sulemana, Kyereh, Partey, Issahaku – A. Ayew, J. Ayew

Comoros: Buena – Madhouma, Zahari, Ben Dialoud – Mouni, Soleimani, Ibrahim Youssef, Y. Umm Changama, Bashiru – Bakari, Al Ferdo

Moroccan Gabon formations

Gabon: Amonome – Assoumou, Ecuele-Manga, Palun – Moussounda, Obiang, Kanga, Poko, Oyono – Allevinah, Boupendza

The Kingdom of Morocco: El Kajoui – Hakimi, Chakla, Aguerd, Masina – Chair, Ounahi, Amrabat, Fajr – El Kaabi, En-Nesyri

C group arrangement

1 – Morocco 6 points (qualified)

2. Gabon 4 points

3. Ghana 1 point

4. Comoros 0 points

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