Quinté PMU - Sign PRIX DE CANNES January 19, 2022

Quinté PMU – Sign PRIX DE CANNES January 19, 2022

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Fabrice Vermeulen's photo

the cannes award, The first eleven flat pentathlons programmed this winter in Cagnes-sur-Mer, are offered to 4-year-olds. actress trilogy, Fabrice Vermeulen (photo) You can depend on her Dr. Carl.

3 Doctor Carl It is clear that it shows a commendable stability. Evidence: Over his last nine races, he’s never finished more than 4. Staying on two successes, one on handicap, at Vivaux, and putting him well in the starting cleats, he should repeat.

9 Master Boy : Admittedly, her most recent success was achieved in the so-called race, last summer in Deauville. However, he has since fallen to second place in the contested handicap on turf, and very soft ground, at the end of last year at Saint Cloud. Enough to earn it logical takers.

11 Krishnadarjent : With only four races on the clock, it is one of the least experienced in racing. However, he won on the proposed track last winter and had an encouraging comeback race at the end of November at Chantilly. Watch out for his first appearance in disability.

7 Danilova Admittedly, his only handicap attempt ended in failure last month in Deauville. However, she has since delivered an attention-worthy performance in Class 2, on the sands of Cannes. The winner on very soft ground, at the end of last year in Bordeaux, found a turf with ambitions.

4 quarter : recommends seven podiums, including two hits, in twelve public performances. It also remains in the third place it has received in disabilities. Despite her outside number, 16, in the starting stalls, she appears to be able to do the same in the field.

13 Marrakech Mon : Having started his career across the Channel, he was quick to find his marks in France, winning in early November in Cavaillon and then last month, on December 15, at PSF from Vivaux. So it is better to be wary of his first steps in the handicap …

16 hulong : If he’s still looking for a first win, this resident Fabrice Vermeulen approaches this race in good physical shape. Evidenced by his recent performances on PSF in Chantilly. Here, for his first handicap appearance, he can scramble the papers.

15 MAD WHIP : In his fifth public appearance, he won on November 14th on heavy ground, in Marseille Borrelli. Even if it hasn’t been seen since and even though it’s up six pounds on the trader’s scale, he still has an opinion, at least in terms of getting a spot.

In the event of no hostility: 2 BECHO

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Stephen Davy’s Choice

a base
3 Dr. Carl
9 Master Boy
regular opportunities
11 Krishnadarjent
7 Danilova
the outside
13 Marrakech Mon
16 Hulong
15 web madness

Prognosis Summary:

3 – Doctor Karl

a blow to the heart
9 – Master Boy

crazy moment
11 – Krishnadarjent

press selection

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number horse jockey
9 Master Boy DEMURO C.
7 Danilova Gion M.
3 Dr. Carl Somilon C.
13 Marrakech Mon ORANI ANT.
8 oasis cover EON MLLE M.
11 Krishnadarjent LEMAITRE a.
16 Hulong RUIS S.
2 BECHO Fullon m.
6 blue mountains Veron F.

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