Narbonne: Les Grands Buffets gives 30% extra income to its employees to make the sector more attractive

Narbonne: Les Grands Buffets gives 30% extra income to its employees to make the sector more attractive

In the midst of discussions about a salary increase in the hotel and restaurant industry, Les Grands Buffets in Narbonne, this Tuesday, January 18, announced a 30% reassessment of the purchasing power of its employees through a bonus. An operation financed by increasing the list price by €5 for the organization’s 350,000 clients per year.

The action was met with rounds of applause from the staff, after President Luis Privat himself announced it. As of January 2022, 195 employees of Grands Buffets de Narbonne will see an average 30% increase in their purchasing power (not their salaries), in the form of a flexible profit-sharing contract based on the difficulty of deals. This means, in concrete terms, a profit gain of €300 per month net for a novice server and up to three times that of a party leader.

Unprecedented commitment by managementThe first restaurant in France“In order to make hotel and restaurant careers more attractive. Of the 3,100 intentions to hire in 2021 in this sector at Aude, 44% of these projects have already been judged”Difficult“By employers, according to figures from Pôle Emploi. A structural shortage of manpower, the Covid crisis was only indicative.

It’s a historic shift, when we no longer have the arguments to persuade new talent to come and work with us, even with salaries above networks. At this price, we will have a decisive impact on recruitment and the fight against absenteeismLuis Privat, whose annual turnover is around 20 million euros this year, offers despite the deficit in the past two years.

“Excellent news for all employees”

Revers de la médaille, cette hausse de pouvoir d’achat se répercutera par une augmentation du prix du menu de 42,90 à 47,90 euros (hors boissons), dès ce 1er février, pour les quelque 350 000 clients qui fréuxquentent les lie every year. price”just more“, justifies the entrepreneur, in relation to the public”You must agree to participate in this effort. I am sure he will understand this.. “

Whether it is applicable to all kinds of enterprises? “This represents an increase of 8 to 11%. For the brasserie version at 12.50 euros for lunch, the price will come to 13.60 euros. Is there a real danger? You have to be this brave and be realistic, the public has benefited greatly from this obsession with the best quality/price ratio. This is possible due to the unbridled competition between the institutions and because the salaries of the employees are very low.Luis Privat continues, denouncing the pass.Industry bashing“Since the reduction in value-added tax.

A pioneer in terms of salary policy (big buffets were the first restaurant that set up 35 hours, three days off a week or even continuous work, etc.), his boss is finally defending himself against any inflationary pressure. “It actually exists. It must be taken into account. “

An initiative welcomed by personnel managers. “This is the result of recognizing the value of work for each of us, it is excellent news for all employees.“.The hotel and restaurant unions have not yet formally positioned themselves.”We’re not white knights, but we want to show that it’s possible. All colleagues follow this logic and say we must act, this is urgent“, concludes Louis Privat. It remains to be seen how the customers will react to this measure.

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