Moon Knight: Who is the superhero of the upcoming Disney+ Marvel series?

Moon Knight: Who is the superhero of the upcoming Disney+ Marvel series?

News culture Moon Knight: Who is the superhero of the upcoming Disney+ Marvel series?

Disney and Marvel have tapped into the Superbowl to reveal a new trailer for the latest series: Moon Knight. The Night Ranger joins the ranks of the MCU in a story that promises to be dark and mature. JV’s editorial staff gets back to you in detail on the tormented character of the Maison des Idées.


  • Who is Moon Knight?
  • What are the powers of Moon Knight?
  • What are the personality traits?
  • What are the other modifications of the Moon Knight?
  • Moon Knight in a video game?

Who is Moon Knight?

Moon Knight, as is often the case with Marvel stable heroes, has known several identities. His first appearance dates back to volume 32 of another comic series, Werewolf By Night, released in 1975.. At the time, our warrior tonight was called Mark Spector, an American mercenary whose secret identity was established by the Commission, a criminal organization. At first he should have been the antagonist of Jack Russell the werewolf, but his character is so popular that Marvel decided to dedicate an entire series to him.

With the new comics, his origins have expanded. A former Marine, Mark Spector quickly becomes a highly paid mercenary at the highest bidder. His expeditions led him to Egypt, the country where he is responsible for neutralizing local resistance. When his boss, the Bushman, summons his soldiers to exterminate the villagers, our hero revolts and faces off against his opponent. He loses the fight and finds himself abandoned in the middle of the desert. The locals left the dead, recovered his body and took refuge in the tomb of Pharaoh Seti. Inside, the moon god Koncho (Khunsu) resurrected Mark, who made him his king. In a desperate attempt to take revenge on Bushman, he leaves for the United States under the identity of Stephen Grant in search of his enemy. At night, he becomes the Moon Knight, the moon knight.

At this point in the series there are multiple versions. The first iteration dates back to the 1980s, but the Night Warrior was entitled to a reboot in 2006. In it, the character is presented as much more unstable than before, preferring to kill the thugs he encounters in cold blood rather than bring them to justice.. If the character is so popular today, it’s because it seriously contrasts with the heroic paradigm prevalent in Marvel’s sealed productions. Dark, mature, and violent, Moon Knight is the kind of charismatic anti-hero who doesn’t hesitate to let his vengeful rage speak.. Furthermore, the character reminds us of another particularly famous hero…The Protector of Gotham…Batman. Moon Knight was created by Marvel in part to compete with the Dark Knight, such as Daredevil, Nighthawk, or The Punisher.

What are the powers of Moon Knight?

Again, Moon Knight’s abilities and equipment vary according to the versions of the hero. His past makes him an outstanding fighter with astonishing proficiency in unarmed combat and various martial arts as well as knife fighting. The Moon Knight possessed for some time superhuman abilities beyond the capabilities of ordinary humans thanks to the blessing of Khonsu. The powers that be ended up losing out because of the comics. However, he is still a particularly skilled warrior who is able to adapt to many combat situations that are presented to him.

His equipment has also evolved over time. His costume is clearly a result of his association with Khonsu, and he has Kevlar or Carbonadium reinforcements on much of his body. He also has a long vibranium staff, grappling hook and crescent-shaped shuriken.. He also owned mystical weapons from Egyptian mythology, which he abandoned during his adventures. On the other hand, the version that Marvel will present within the new series should differ slightly from its predecessors. In the trailer, our hero appears to be dressing up in a supernatural way, which suggests that the character portrayed in the show can possess mystical skills..

Furthermore, the series also seems to insist on the character’s multiple personalities, his unpredictable side and his psychological instability. A property that is already present in one form or another in the comics, which provides him with many skills and resistance. Moon Knight feels almost no pain, is mentally uncontrollable, and his various personalities allow him to exceed his physical abilities far beyond human limits.. It’s very likely that we’ll be in for a similar version in the new Disney+ series.

Moon Night Series Trailer

What are the personality traits?

As said before, Moon Knight was originally a minor character that only existed in the Werewolf By Night comics, but the popularity of the character created by Doug Munch and Don Burlin prompted Marvel to make him a hero in his own right. The first series dedicated to him began in 1980. Since then, his adventures have developed into seven volumes, and the fifth of 2006 was a reboot of this tormented hero.

His characteristics make him an uneasy reflection of Batman. In addition to his great wealth, looks, and agonizing past, the character also has many abilities that bring him closer to Batman. For good reason, its creator Doug Munch worked for many years as a screenwriter on the first volumes of The Dark Knight. Moon Knight is undoubtedly the hero closest to the Capital Guard within Marvel’s stable, but from there to see Moon Kinght only from the perspective of comparison…

Moon Knight: Who is the superhero of the upcoming Disney+ Marvel series?

What are the other modifications of the Moon Knight?

So far, Moon Knight has yet to shine in mods sealed with the Marvel seal. These very rare appearances happened during the time of the anime series. He had a short stint in the series Earth protectors, where he has the right to appear during the episode “Avengers World” before being at the center of the episode “Beyond”. He also rubs shoulders with Spider-Man for some time in the animated series. Ultimate Spider Man From 2012, as well as the series Spider-Man from Marvel 2017. And that’s it. So the Moon Knight series should honor a character for the first time in its history. Moreover, it is possible that we will find the character in future productions of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Moon Knight in a video game?

On the video game side, Moon Knight’s engagement is anecdotal. It’s in the games lego marvel super heroesAnd LEGO Marvel Avengers And LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2web address Avengers Alliance Marvel And finally, mobile projects Marvel heroes fightAnd future marvel battle And Marvel Avengers Academy. We sincerely hope that the series will live up to the character and bring the Moon Knight a real win in popularity with the general public, allowing him at the same time to appear more clearly in our favorite works.

Moon Knight: Who is the superhero of the upcoming Disney+ Marvel series?

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