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Good or bad idea?

« Either way, we’ll all get it in the end “,” Vaccination does not protect much “,” With Omicron, it’s not so bad “…Wouldn’t it eventually be easier to catch Covid-19 and end it once and for all? Answers.

the Variant Omicron the Corona Virus spread to Speed From’flash On the European continent, despite the closing of borders and barrier measures imposed by the governments of various countries. Since December 29, France has fluctuated between 200 and 350,000 new cases per day. Crazy numbers, especially when you know that the results of self-tests are not systematically taken into account in these indicators. Despite the third dose, vaccinated people are not 100% protected from the virus. Moreover, the alternative Omicron It appears to be less dangerous than its predecessors. In this context, it may be tempting to pick up the disease voluntarily to “end” the crisis. That’s why it’s a bad idea.

5 good reasons not to voluntarily catch Covid-19

First, you must know that ifimmunity granted by Serum It is not definitive, and does not give him infection. You can get infected with the Corona virus many times. To want to voluntarily contract it to get rid of it means to know the disease poorly.

Second, while the Omicron variant is less dangerous than the Delta variant, the fact remains that patients die from this disease every day. And not just the elderly or people with comorbidities.

Third, the disease caused by SARS-CoV-2 remains mysterious in many ways. From studies Recent studies show that even people make a model a priori Mild illness can have long-term consequences, especially on heart and kidney function.

the fourth , long covid It affects a large number of patients. The proportion of patients affected by prolonged Covid will be 10-40% for out-of-hospital patients and 25-75% for in-hospital patients. As a reminder, the file symptoms The most common types of long covid are extreme tiredness, difficulty breathing, problems concentrating, and headaches. Some patients are still unable to return to work months after the injury. We don’t know how long that will last.

Fifth, contracting Covid-19 voluntarily means spreading the virus. The more the virus spreads, the more patients are likely to need intensive care. There may not be places for everyone.

In conclusion, although it is true that many of us will be affected by the variable Omicron From the corona virus in the coming weeks, it is best to keep trying to pass between drops.

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