Conviction report from the Finance Brigade of the FFR Chief

Conviction report from the Finance Brigade of the FFR Chief

Written by Arnaud David – [email protected]

L’Equipe had access to a BRDE investigators report on the links between the French rugby union president and the president of FC Montpellier. It’s a subordinate and should lead to a trial in the fall

Four years after investigating suspicions of nepotism between Bernard Laporte, president of the French rugby union, and Mohamed El Trad, president of Montpellier, the Brigade Suppression of Economic Delinquency (BRDE) was handed to the financial prosecutor’s office a brief report obtained by L’Equipe. According to the sports newspaper, the matter is “overwhelming” for Bernard Laporte and should lead to a trial next fall, he assured Southwest Versini-Campenci, the lawyer for the president of the federation.

After the Journal du Dimanche revealed in August 2017 that there was a contract with a photo of 180,000 euros linking Laporte to Altrade, BRDE was seized by financial prosecutors. In January 2018, the police carried out searches at the headquarters of the federation, in the homes of Laporte and Altrade as well as Claude Accher, director of the 2023 World Cup, and Serge Simon, vice-president of the federation. All protagonists of the case were placed in police custody in September 2020.

In this case, the attention of investigators focused on the intervention of Bernard Laporte with the Appeals Committee of the French Football Federation to reduce a fine of 70,000 euros on Montpellier, but also on the terms of granting the shirt the 15th sponsorship of France. That Altrad Group would have received it at a reduced price (6.8 million euros) compared to the initial offer made to the other major partners in the union (9.9 million euros). The pressure exerted by Bernard Laporte with several international rugby bodies was also scrutinized when Mohamed Al-Tardar wanted to take control of English club Gloucester.

“The mountain will give birth to a mouse”

Police conclusions primarily aimed at the president of the FFR and the president of Montpellier. The facts held by BRDE against Laporte are, in the words used by the investigators, “corruption by a person charged with a public service mission, abuse of influence, breach of trust at the expense of the FFR, unlawful seizure of interests, and concealment of misuse of company assets.”

Regarding the businessman, whose construction group became the shirt sponsor of the 15th Exposition of France, the following is preserved: “Active corruption on a person responsible for a public service mission, exploitation of active influence and misuse of company assets”.

“It is a police report that is only intended for the prosecution for a simple systematic reason, the main dispute is Versini-Campinki. The role of the police is to identify the topics and get an unambiguous explanation. Everything is checked with the aim of discovering wrongdoing. But what we know today is that the prosecution will keep very few things As usual, the mountain will give birth to a mouse.”

“The attorney general told us that he intends to try Altrad and Laporte and that the trial will be in September,” the lawyer said. “But this does not mean that they will be found guilty. But you have to give the public and the media something to chew on. We are not against the existence of the contract, but against all the conclusions of the police officers.”

According to Versini-Campinchi, the other protagonists of the case should not be sent to court.

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