After three issues, "Elysée 2022" has already begun to change its name and formula in France 2

After three issues, “Elysée 2022” has already begun to change its name and formula in France 2

Permanent change of France’s political program 2. According to information handed over to “Parisien”, “Elysée 2022” is already planning to change its name, format and speakers, just four months after its launch and three broadcast numbers.

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After his resurrection in September, the “mysterious guest” disappears again

80 days before the first round on April 10, the “Elysée 2022”, which replaced the “You have the floor” and the “Political programme”, will become a small revolution, “Elysée 2022: France’s confrontation with the information”. With this name change, the audiovisual group wants to tell viewers that experts from France Télévisions will come to question the presidential candidates, as well as the two-professional duo of Léa Salamé and Laurent Guimier, following Thomas Soto’s hasty departure last November.

While in-house experts like François Lenglet have long occupied France 2’s political programming groups, France Television promises surprises this time around in the selection of speakers. However, they won’t go further than Stephan Bern or Faustin Bollaert, both announced by France Info this morning, which his public service cousin, France Televisions, denied this afternoon.

Another revolution, the return of the representatives of the French to the show, this time in the form of a representative committee of one hundred citizens chosen through the Ipsos Institute. By means of the video, this person will be able to give his opinion, provide fine details, and comment on the arguments of the guests. Finally, the “Mysterious Guest” sequence, although revived at the beginning of the season after internally mature musings, disappears from France 2’s political programme.

Disappointing fans

While “Elysée 2022” has been broadcast irregularly since the start of the season, France Télévisions management now wants to show it on a weekly basis until March 17, that is, six bonuses in a row. Jean-Luc Melenchon will bear the brunt of this new formula on February 10th.

With that said, France 2 may be hoping to bolster disappointed fans for the time being. The series “Elysée 2022” premiere on September 24 was a failure with only 1.05 million viewers, or 5.1% of the audience, almost three times less than the channel average.

They were slightly more numerous in the fourth debate in the primaries for Les Républicains on November 30 with 1.73 million people curious about the date, or 8.9% of the public. Eric Zemmour’s show last December is the only one that has so far achieved the correct score for a prime-time political program on France 2 with 2.84 million viewers, 15.0% of the audience.

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