Pôle Emploi : Des allocations qui baissent à cause d'une règle censée les protéger !

Benefits that go down because of a rule that is supposed to protect them!

This is not very reassuring news with regard to job seekers or people benefiting from the various allowances. In fact, Pôle Emploi is a service known to help people in precarious situations or who find themselves unemployed. Thus the latter allows them to satisfy their needs by providing various aids that allow them to earn money according to their past. But the allowances seem to be decreasing due to a rule that is supposed to protect it!

Pôle Emploi, a useful system?

Many people find themselves unemployed today. It comes from various causes, but the event also appears to be closely related.

In fact, the health crisis plunged the country into an endless war, with many consequences. In addition to the measures taken by the government, many businesses have had to close their doors. As an indirect result of this crisis, which has plunged many people into a state of instability.

Despite government assistance to help merchants pay bills or to help pay off their loans, some had to go out of business.

Pôle Emploi is a system that should help those in need. In fact, the system created by this organization makes it possible to give money to people who have stopped working, according to their working hours.

Diminishing allowance?

But the unpleasant surprise for some people is to see their allowances drop at the end of 2021. Whether it’s a few tens of euros, or in some cases several hundred euros, the amount on the final counter is colossal.

This is a great day in the morale of the people who benefit from it. In fact, faced with this problem, Pôle Emploi confirmed that something was to blame, namely the confrontation of Mediapart.

Thus, you should know that Pôle Emploi has put in place a system to allow people to benefit from assistance while protecting them.

In terms of unemployment reform, this measure appears to have the opposite effect than expected. would like to compensate for the potential inactivity of the eleven months of confinement in 2020 and 2021, by automatically extending” a period Subsidiary For all new registrants.

In other words, Pôle Emploi will look deeper into the professional past to calculate the number of hours worked. This has some advantages and some disadvantages for people who have to undergo this condition.

In fact, you should know that for people under the age of 53, they must provide pay slips for the last 35 months. Previously, he was 24 years old, which corresponds to two years of work.

However, things get more complicated for people over the age of 53. In fact, the latter must provide pay slips for the last 47 months. Previously, this number was 36!

A situation that embarrasses a lot of people asking for help from Pôle Emploi!

The differences caused by Pôle Emploi?

In the face of these salary slips that Pôle Emploi was seeking more and more, the differences began to be felt.

In fact, many people who are currently receiving his allowance do not seem to understand this procedure. Mediapart has also taken advantage of this question to gather different testimonials.

Thus, Jean-Daniel, 55, notes a difference of 700 euros in his bonuses given by Paul Employ. For her part, Michel points to a drop of a few tens of euros.

Take the opportunity to specify the following matters relating to payment receipts: I refuse to give them my payroll after 36 months. I wasn’t free at the time knowing it would punish me«.

For its part, Pôle Emploi realized that this mechanism and this device could cause many differences. The organization states: As soon as the job seeker deems this extension of his affiliation period unfavorable to him, he can contact a Pôle emploi intermediary in his area of ​​registration.«.

But all the people who had exercised this asylum had no answer yet.

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