New tactical device brings toughness

New tactical device brings toughness

The 3-4-3 system, established by Peter Boss since the beginning of December, appears to be bringing solidity to Olympique Lyonnais.

After being late in the league and playing hard during the fall, Olympique Lyonnais sank dangerously into crisis and permanent mediators in the game. Faced with this not very rosy situation, Peter Boss, who arrived last May, had to find a solution to get his team back on the right track.

He came to be a coach with an offensive style of play, and the Dutch technician had to rediscover himself by choosing a three-man defense in particular. The tactical change at the beginning of December brought more calm to Lyon’s rear-team forces. A note also made by the Olympique Lyonnais coach himself on Friday, two days before the Troy match: “We are stronger in defense, the mass is better. Before, if we lost the ball, it was too open. I think the guys understand what I’m asking better. The philosophy of the game requires a lot of sharpness‘, he explained.

He put a little water in his wine.

Monday praised and edited on the “TKYDG” group (read here), in particular by our consultant, Nicholas Boideboa : “Today the coach revised his philosophy a little bit because we had to maintain a defensive balance that we didn’t have at all, we were more penetrable and Anthony Lopez was very exposed. The OL took a lot of chances and it should have been stopped”The former Lyon goalkeeper explained. As our consultant appreciates it “Peter Boss has found a balance. We can see it compared to recent performances, he is more balanced in the playing system. Defensive and offensive transitions are going really well. He has put a little water in his wine and it is only better for OL,” confirmed.

“Some profiles were missing to move 4-3-3 only”

guest of our show on monday, Julian Mamont, a freelance journalist who worked specifically for him RMC Sport And telefoot channel, He also appreciated the change in the system made by the Olympique Lyonnais coach. “The regime change was to reinforce defensively and that is the case. If we look at the last OL matches, there was no goal conceded against Troy, only one against PSG and Metz, pointed out. To follow up:There is that guarantee, at least for now, of not seeing OL’s defense crumble as it has in the past and especially in the fall.” The journalist noted.

The journalist also claims that “Some of the profiles were missing to move the 4-3-3 that Peter Bosz wanted to create at the start of the season. He thought it was the best organization to set up his game system. It’s no surprise to see Lyon a bit more efficient. We feel the organization suits the players better.” confirmed Julian Mamont.

Olympique Lyonnais is unbeaten in five league matches and has been doing even better a few weeks ago. This tactical change is certainly not alien to him. From now on, a winning streak will be necessary and this is from Friday with the Red Lantern receiving the championship, AS Saint-Etienne for a derby that promises to burn.


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