Evelyn's teacher threatened to show a soprano in class

Evelyn’s teacher threatened to show a soprano in class

Education – Just two months after the tragic death of Samuel Batty, a college teacher in Traps had to be “discharged” from her institution and from Evelyn’s department after threats followed a training session on the evolution of a lumumum where a picture of a monkey linked and a picture of a soprano appeared.

During a class 3 class in December 2020, the SVT (Life and Earth Sciences) teacher decided, to “poke the students’ interest” by putting a picture of a French rapper of Comorian origin in a timeline, she pleaded with AFP.

After that, the presence of an image of a monkey on that frieze infuriated the disciple’s father, according to what he said. Paris Who revealed the relationship on Sunday, January 16th.

“The position is taken very seriously by the Academy”

According to the newspaper, the exercise statement that Stephanie* proposed to her students was: “In the following documents, specify the criteria for belonging to the human race (sex). to turn down).” However, “I have never compared this man to a monkey” when police heard her last June.

Two months into this session, the principal called Stephanie for a date with the unidentified parent who considered the juxtaposition of the two photos to be racist and moved the course on Facebook.

But the father of the third-grader apparently transmitted only part of the course, and then forbade him to publish the initial context of the exercise. As I also mentioned ParisAnd in his message, which he posted with the photo broadcast by the teacher, the father of the family privately stated: “Nothing shocks you. My daughter told me, Dad, that this is not normal in the class of SVT (…) Shitty National Education. Turn please don’t have to We accept” (sic).

According to the Versailles Directorate contacted by AFP, “this situation was taken very seriously by the academy”, because “any message of hate or threat that could target the academy’s staff is the subject of a very vigilant attention of our services.”

A case of paramount importance, just two months after the assassination and beheading in the same circle as Samuel Baty. The directorate also specified that the police were “immediately notified” of the incident and that job protection was granted to the teacher.

“Shocked by the Assassination of Samuel Baty”

Two months before this case, Samuel Baty, professor of history and geography at the Collège du Bois-d’Aulne, in Conflans-Saint-Honorine, was taken to social media by a student’s father after a free speech training course. expression. Then he was assassinated by Abdullah Anzurov, a young extremist who accused him of showing caricatures of Muhammad to his students.

For her part, the 35-year-old professor from Trabes received several threats after the father of the family posted on social media, which he deleted after meeting in college.

“Shocked by the murder of Samuel Baty,” Stephanie filed a complaint and received a visit from the regional intelligence police, who told her to “leave Ile-de-France as soon as possible,” recalls Stephanie, who now works as a substitute teacher at another school. Undisclosed area.

“I lost everything, everything I built for ten years, this man stole my life and I was very afraid for my life,” she told AFP by phone, wanting to work from now on “close to his family.”

Last November, the student’s father was sentenced for harassment by a public online communications service to six months in prison and €13,600 in compensation by the Versailles court.

However, the student’s father was acquitted of the charge of publicly abusing an official through the means of communication, the prosecution reported to AFP, adding that an appeal is underway. The date of the new trial is not yet known, according to civil party attorney Stephane Colemant.

“Swarm in a few days”

Stephanie, visibly shocked by the affair, chose to trust AFP and narrate the unit she says she went through, without real support from her hierarchy. “I haven’t seen any warning signs during or after the course, and I’ve been using this medium to illustrate this teaching for several years now at the request of a former student who wanted to see more illustrations of people of my diversity,” continues the teacher, who regrets receiving only the support of her union, Snalc , and “nothing” from the university administration.

Today, “I no longer trust the institution, I am afraid to touch on other sensitive topics such as puberty and childbearing. When are we going to start stopping parents of students threatening these?” asks the teacher, who adds that she had to leave everything in a hurry: “I had to escape within Only a few days.”

For its part, the Versailles Academy explained that the teacher “was placed on leave due to a temporary disability attributable to the (Citis) service from February 3 to September 10”.

Additionally, “your transfer request may have, in the beginning, resulted in a temporary assignment to another academy since the beginning of the school year,” the academy continued, making sure it was doing “everything so you could get the assignment you wanted for the school year.” Next “.

A meeting between the directorate and teacher representatives is also scheduled for this week.

* The teacher’s first name has been changed.

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