Love Is Better Than Life Claude Lelouch's 50th Film: Interview, Review and Trailer

Love Is Better Than Life Claude Lelouch’s 50th Film: Interview, Review and Trailer

Written by Laura B. Posted Jan 18, 2022 2:57 pm

Claude Lelouch is already in his fiftieth “Love Is Better Than Life”. This dramatic comedy, with Sandrine Bonnier, Gerard Darmon, Beatrice Dahl, Philippe Lelouch or even Clementine Cellary, which celebrates life, love, friendship and 50 Lelouch films, will be released in cinemas January 19, 2022.

in 84 Claude Lelouch He’s not ready to put his camera away yet.
Love is better than life, next one movie length the director, the scheduled version Jan 19 2022, it is already the fiftieth movie the Director. About Dramatic Comedy, Enter here romantic and the music movie.

And as usual Claude Lelouch Convinced many stars movie theater To take part in this cinematic adventure. Thus, in the pour Love is better than life, We find Sandrine BonnierAnd Gerard DarmonAnd and abitanAnd Philip LelouchAnd how adamsAnd Elsa ZelbersteinAnd Beatrice DalyAnd Clementine Cellari And Robert Hussein.

Love is better than life It must fit into a Triple From Movies. However, the following films will be produced if this film is a hit with the audience.

Abstract :

The three elements: love, friendship and money are the three main concerns of humanity. To put it as simply as possible, Gerard (Darmon) , I see (Abitanand philiplelouch) they met 20 years ago, when they got out of prison, and they immediately asked themselves the real question: What if honesty was the best trick? Today, they are inseparable and difficult to be precise … but Gerard knows that he suffers from a terminal illness. Knowing he’s doomed, Ari and Philip want to give him his last love story…because Gerrard has always said that love is better than life.

humor :

Our review :

After the fireworks in the foreground, Claude Lelouch It appears very quickly with Love is better than life She celebrates life, love, friendship and her past films. While questioning death and religion.

the Movie It begins with images of celebration, joy and celebration. The tone is set. The film breathes and breathes the joy and poison of life.

As usual, Claude Lelouch Several actors embarked with him, and he offered them, for some, tailor-made roles. Like Beatrice Daly Satan, a role that suits him well, exclaims: “I’m here to ruin your life like this after you appreciate it. or Clementine CellariAs a policeman deplores: “I’m a cop to help people, but instead we defeat themFor and abitan, in a Love is better than lifeHe’s a long way from what he’s doing on stage. And Sandrine BonnierIt is the embodiment of Madam and the mother of the modern era.

covid forced him, lelouch Compelling films sometimes and streets Paris. Montmartre in particular and its restaurant as well. Filming could not move far, as initially planned. But the director is satisfied with that.

the Music It is present almost everywhere Love is better than life, a Movie Which never ends: Every time we think a scene is the last, then it doesn’t. The director knows how to lead us with the nose, in a film that is also a homage to his previous films.

An interview with director Claude Lelouch :

actors interview Sandrine BonnierPhilip Lelouch and Gerard Darmon :

What theaters near me are the movie showing? Love is better than life ?

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